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Fellows receive €15,000, hands-on training, and support from the Humanity in Action network.

Each Fellow creates a new project or expands the work of an existing project that helps strengthen democracy. This year, we are looking for projects related to the theme of Democracy and the Politics of Memory.

The deadline to apply for the Fellowship is August 6, 2023.

Take your activism to the next level.

  • Get the time and financial freedom to work on a purpose-driven mission
  • Connect with like-minded impact makers and create lifelong connections
  • Get support and recognition for your work

Who can apply?

Anyone located in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, and Ukraine:

  • born in 1983 and onwards
  • with at least 5 years of professional experience, in any field
  • is an activist at heart and shares our mission to make the world a more equitable place
  • is committed to helping shape democracy in their own community and globally

We strongly encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply, as we prioritize equal access and opportunities for all applicants.

  • Our commitment to inclusivity extends to and beyond diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, culture, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education level, and disability.
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken, is not mandatory for applying to the fellowship. Applicants will not be penalized for spelling or grammatical errors in their applications. Nevertheless, it is important to note that all training and communication will be conducted in English.
  • The Landecker Democracy Fellowship’s mission is to bring together a wide range of talented individuals from diverse fields and backgrounds. Past cohorts have included policy makers, academics, journalists, data scientists, technology experts, social entrepreneurs, activists, educators and artists.

Does this sound like you?



About the Fellowship

The Landecker Democracy Fellowship was launched in 2020 in partnership with the Alfred Landecker Foundation. As an incubator for democracy in the digital age, the Landecker Foundation promotes the development of open, democratic, and discrimination-free societies via innovative and disruptive means.

Each year, ​​the Landecker Fellowship unites changemakers who possess diverse identities and ideas, yet are bound by a shared commitment to democratic values. At the core of our Fellowship is a dedication to peer-to-peer learning and a strong sense of community. This is why we actively seek out passionate, hands-on, and collaborative Fellows.

Working alongside their cohort teammates, Landecker Fellows spend one year implementing their projects. Each Fellow creates a new project or expands the work of an existing one with our team’s financial support and guidance and the broader Humanity in Action network (2700+ Humanity in Action Fellows and Senior Fellows).

In addition to creating their projects, Landecker Fellows take part in a virtual training program and two Action Academies (one virtual and one in-person conference) throughout the Fellowship year.

Through the design and execution of projects that have a visible and tangible impact, our Fellows serve as powerful inspirations, demonstrating the capacity for individuals to drive meaningful change.Our alumni are the vibrant heart of the Humanity in Action organization. Beyond their Fellowship involvements, they remain engaged with each other and the Humanity in Action teams. To advance our common mission, we offer tailored educational, professional, and entrepreneurial opportunities to all our alumni.

Check out our FAQs page for more information about the Landecker Democracy Fellowship.

The dates for the 2023/24 Landecker Democracy Fellowship are December 10, 2023 – December 8, 2024. See below for the full list of programming dates during the Fellowship (please click the plus sign on the right-hand side to see the drop down of key dates).

Support Pillars

Alongside our training program, our Fellowship model rests on four main pillars:

I. Action Academies

Our on- and offline Action Academies are designed as collaborative learning spaces for the Fellows. A rich and multidimensional program provides ample opportunities for peer-to-peer feedback and for getting to know each other and each other’s projects in detail. In addition to Humanity in Action staff and Landecker Democracy Fellows and alumni, guest speakers and trainers provide valuable insights into project implementation, team building, and leadership skills.

II. Pods

An integral part of this Fellowship is the support and feedback from other Fellows. Landecker Fellows meet and collaborate regularly in designated pods (small working groups of five to six Fellows). The pods are an opportunity for Fellows to workshop their ideas, strategize on their projects’ implementation, provide honest peer-to-peer feedback, share good practices, and coordinate their actions. The pods are instrumental in providing space for this collaboration. In the process, Fellows build lasting connections with one another.

III. Staff Support

In addition to support from fellow participants, each Fellow has a designated Humanity in Action team member to foster smooth operations and project implementation. Fellows are matched with a staff member with whom they connect on a monthly basis. The regular contact ensures Fellows get individualized support.

IV. Buddy Exchange

A training program is not complete without the one-on-one support of another Fellow. In addition to structured collaboration in pods, the buddy system allows for sustained communication with a peer. This partnership provides additional space to discuss and safeguard the wellbeing of all members and allows for more personal check-ins between Fellows.

“This program has expanded my impact and the ability for me to make a difference in a way that I never thought was possible.” – Michael Zuch


Each Landecker Fellow receives a stipend of 10,000 Euros, paid out in monthly installments across 12 months. Additionally, Fellows receive up to 5,000 Euros in seed funding to implement their project.

All training expenses, travel, and accommodation costs for the in-person Action Academy in Europe (April 2024) are covered.

2023/24 Theme: Democracy and the Politics of Memory

The 2023/24 Fellowship theme is Democracy and the Politics of Memory.

The way we remember and construct our past informs our identity, decision-making, and perspective. It shapes who we are, how we interpret where we come from, and the values that define us. But history has never been apolitical, and recently, it’s been increasingly weaponized. In some countries, memory is not a closed chapter. Some of the questions we may engage with during the Fellowship include:

  • Who gets to decide what is remembered and what is forgotten?
  • How do different societies deal with past crimes or post-colonial questions?
  • How do experiences of war and genocide change the equation?
  • What role do history and memory play in accountability processes?
  • How are historical narratives used to impact present-day political discourses and decision-making processes?
  • How do the politics of memory change current political landscapes?

These are important questions. The link between the politics of memory and democracy deserves to be explored in greater depth.

​​ “This Fellowship is special because it allows for a wide variety of formats in which people can contribute to a better world.” – Judith Blijden

How to apply:

The online application form for the Landecker Democracy Fellowship must be filled out in a single sitting. It’s not possible to save and come back.

We suggest you prepare your application in advance and apply once it’s complete. Download our application guide to get all the information you need. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Joanna Zalewska at [email protected] or check our FAQs page.

The deadline to apply for the Landecker Democracy Fellowship is August 6, 2023.

Download your application guide here!

Apply for the fellowship here!

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