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The Global South Indaba opinion section publishes articles on a wide variety of topics ranging from political economy, elections, climate change, sustainable development, public administration, economics, history, international law and governance. We primarily focus on issues that advance the interests of the Global South, the term generally used to identify countries in the regions of Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

We are looking for original work, revelatory insights and new ideas that reveal fresh angles that will generate discussion and debate on social media and in the real world. Our word count requirement is between 800 – 1200 words. Submissions must be original and exclusive to the Global South Indaba, with no portions of content published elsewhere.

We do not consider articles submitted simultaneously to other sites. Opinion submissions should be sent to: [email protected].

There is no deadline for submissions. You can submit your article for consideration anytime.

The submission should be included in the body of the email and/or in an attached Microsoft Word document (no PDFs, please), and should include contact information. The author should attach a good quality head and shoulders picture of him or herself together with the word document of the article. Authors should provide backup to show that their article is based on solid facts, including relevant links to research or other articles that support your argument.

N.B. University students are encouraged to submit articles based on their final project, dissertation, or thesis. Academics and independent researchers are encouraged to submit articles that cover their areas of expertise. Please be sure to include a brief bio that cites your relevant experience, such as current professional and academic affiliations.

What is an Op-Ed? 

An op-ed article is an article in which the author states their opinion about a given topic, often with a view to persuade the reader toward their way of thinking. They can also be referred to as opinion pieces because, unlike standard news articles, the authors of op-eds are encouraged to give their opinions on a certain topic, as opposed to simply reporting the news.

Here are the  top five tips on how to write an op-ed:

  1. Get to the point: The moment the Editor starts reading your op-ed article they need to know exactly what it is about, and why it matters to the audience.
  2. Have a clear line of argument: Outline your entire op-ed before sitting down to write, and keep a clear argument in mind.
  3. Write what you know: While many factors go into the op-ed selection process, having authority in the topic you’re writing about, as well as a persuasive argument, is required above all else.
  4. Write for Global South Indaba: There is no need to use technical phrases if it is a non-technical publication. Look into what has been published on your topic in the past. How can you advance the discussion?
  5. Stick to Global South Indaba Op-Ed articles rules.
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