Cultivate a habit of searching for opportunities to attend funded international conferences. Attending international conferences will expand your social networks, give you exposure, inspire you to do more in your work, give you a platform to cross-pollinate ideas with others and equip you with state of the art knowledge, skills and tools you will find handy in your journey or career.

Many people are yet to appreciate the importance of attending international conferences yet there exist a plethora of benefits tied to being accepted to attend an international conference where issues relevant to one’s study, career or profession are tabled and discussed. Conferences may not give you money or the “the material” but they surely give you something more valuable and that is relationships. Covered in relations are all the material things you could ever require or desire.

It is amazing what can happen in your career if you are to cultivate a consistent and deliberate culture of attending funded international conferences. One of the amazing things about international conferences is that the organisers often offer applicants funding. Is it not mind blowing that you could attend a conference in a developed country without paying a penny? More and more of these opportunities are burgeoning and it is time you start exploiting them to your benefit.

You probably have already heard people that say “your network is your net worth.” That is very true. Implied by that statement is the more people you know, the more valuable you become. You need to be part of a larger community that is on the same journey with you. The more connected you are to that community the greater your prospects for achieving success.

Conferences are the best avenue for connecting to a community of people that are on the same journey with you. It is a gathering of people including some that have gone ahead of you, who have over the years accumulated more wisdom and exposure over time. You definitely want to drink from their cup. Attending international conferences will get you in the same spaces with such calibre of people.

During break times or lunch times you have numerous occasions to market yourself and exchange contacts, setting a good foundation for future engagements. Some people will have a plethora experience that may just save you from making the same mistakes they might have made at your stage. You get to create relationships that can change the game for you. You next opportunity whether it is a job, tender or mega deal is wrapped up in meaningful and strategic relationships you create. Conferences are the best places to create such relationships or social networks.

Further, you should attend conferences because they inspire you to become better. You are transformed. In the context of your career you are a product of the many programmes including conferences you attend. The mere fact that you will be in the same room with people that are doing more than you will get you to see what is possible and inspire you to do greater things. Inspiration is very important for your growth whether you are a student or a professional.

You will be challenged from hearing other people’s stories of triumph and success. Some people will share on how they faced the same challenges you are probably going through and how they overcame them. It may just be a speech, remark, presentation, contribution or just interaction that can inspire you to do more than before. You will meet and interact with people that will make you want to grow or take things to the next level and that is exactly what you need in your journey of success.

Every conference is any opportunity to be equipped. When international conferences are organized, they are organized with clear objectives and goals. You will consider attending a particular conference because you feel its objectives fits well with your individual interests. It may be a conference on success, entrepreneurship or the environment. Depending on the theme, you will definitively be equipped with knowledge, wisdom, skills and tools that you will need or require in your career.

You should attend funded international conferences because it is an opportunity to expand your social networks, be equipped, get exposure, get inspired and share ideas with others on the same journey with you.

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