Global Rights Compliance (GRC) is looking for an International Lawyer: Apply!!

About Us

Global Rights Compliance (GRC) is an international legal foundation focused on bringing perpetrators to justice for atrocity crimes. We have a registered presence in the Netherlands, the UK, Kurdistan, and Ukraine.

Starvation Track: GRC has a dedicated starvation and humanitarian crisis work stream. For the last six years, GRC has become the leading legal organization in prohibiting, preventing, and seeking accountability for mass starvation and associated violations. We possess unrivaled expertise and granular knowledge of the crime of starvation, derived from a dedicated portfolio of analysis, accountability, and investigative work. We have conducted multiple starvation investigations with partners and pursued advocacy and accountability documentation accurately and sensitively with often unseen datasets and political nuance, with extensive experience in partnering with OSINT providers to pursue innovative investigative avenues. Our principal geographic focus has been Syria, South Sudan, and Yemen, Tigray, Ethiopia with a more recent focus on Ukraine. For more information on GRC’s starvation workstream, visit:

Purpose & Objective

The International Lawyer will have specialisms/experiences covering the full spectrum of criminal conduct that can constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide, including deportation, detention/torture and other inhumane acts, CRSV, plunder, starvation indiscriminate/disproportionate attacks, and genocide.


  • Advise on a range of international crimes.
  • Conduct legal research and jurisprudence review.
  • Prepare and deliver training.
  • Collect information for prosecutorial purposes from open-source and elsewhere and analyse it for case-building purposes.
  • Analyse witness statements and summaries.
  • Support in community outreach and survivor-centred witness and victim engagement.
  • Facilitate meetings and other interactions with the relevant stakeholders.

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Experience, Knowledge & Skills

  • 5+ years of relevant investigative experience in war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide
  • Experience in a national or international prosecution, legal, or human rights team.
  • Experience in working in case building and the prosecution of large-scale international crimes.
  • Practical experience working with justice actors.
  • Flexible and creative; able to work in an unstructured, changeable & fast-moving environment, proactive, anticipating problems and solutions orientated.
  • Self-starter: can be given a ‘desired outcome’ and figure out the action areas required to reach it.
  • Practical thinker, able to break down and pursue the elements required to operationalise an investigative/prosecutorial strategy.
  • Willing to support all aspects of a national investigative/prosecutorial strategy.
  • Administratively competent; able to manage competing urgent demands.
  • Practical experience in working with highly sensitive material and an ability to demonstrate the requisite skill in storing, sharing, and working with such material.
  • Fluency in English, written and verbal skills.


  • Experience working in the MENA region, specifically Syria.
  • Experience working on OSINT and database and case management tools.
  • Practical experience in casework/litigation involving specific intent crimes or circumstantial evidence-based prosecutions and defense.
  • Fluency or competency in Arabic.
  • Experience working within a legal team at one of the international ad hoc tribunals or international commission of inquiries / FFM.

How to apply

Please submit your CV and a short cover letter (in English) to [email protected] by 10 June 2024 indicating the position you are applying for in the email subject.

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