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We’re looking for a Research Manager who combines exceptional ability in research and report-writing, with a real passion for (and experience in) peacebuilding. We offer flexible hours and working from home, anywhere in the world. It will be vital that you have an excellent grasp of the context in the Central African region, which will require time spent there and, ideally, significant prior knowledge.
In the first months of the programme, the team will consult at least three thousand people, with a combination of key informant interviews, individual questionnaires and focus groups to build both quantitative and qualitative datasets.

This will add to a dataset of over ten thousand consultations over 6 years, so you’ll have a unique evidence base at your disposal. We believe that, with your expertise and support, we could make better use of the rich information in these datasets, and we feel we owe that to the women and men we’ve consulted. The reports you produce will help amplify their voices, providing decision-makers in government and the international community with clear recommendations for activities that will address root causes of conflict and promote sustainable peace and development.

Information about the Role:
Job Title: Peacebuilding Research Manager
Location: Flexible with regular visits to the Central African region, of at least a month for each visit
Reporting to: Regional Director, based in the Regional Office
Salary: €48,500 to €60,000 gross of tax. 33 days of annual leave (plus R&R if applicable, accommodation and food allowance when in-country)

Role Duties and Responsibilities:
Responsible for leading different stages of conflict-related research:

  • Leading different stages of conflict-related research and evaluation projects, including design, data collection, analysis, reporting and dissemination phases
  • Analysing the result of Concordis’ consultations to understand and present the nuances of conflict dynamics
  • Collaborate with the research team of national staff to design the consultation methodology and to craft interview questions and focus group themes that will produce clear quantitative and qualitative datasets
  • Collate, clean and analyse the quantitative and qualitative data and interpret findings
  • Engage actively with the research team during and after their consultation, ironing out any issues arising and gaining further nuance and analysis from them
  • Write reports for a range of audiences, presenting policy recommendations and the evidence-base behind them, in a way that is clear, professional and persuasive in a timely manner
  • Contribute to the critical review, analysis and publication of reports, articles and data
  • Conduct in-depth literature reviews using a variety of secondary sources

Support Project Development
*Support the development of new projects, including developing concepts and contributing to drafting proposals for grants that will fund ongoing peacebuilding work
*Contribute to the development of Concordis’ peacebuilding methodology, including research techniques, data analysis, monitoring and evaluation

Person Specification:

  • Named (co)author in high-quality and published reports relating to peacebuilding, conflict analysis or similar;
  • At least five years’ peacebuilding experience (practical or academic);
  • Exceptional level of written English and French
  • Demonstrable experience of processing and undertaking statistical analysis of large quantitative and qualitative datasets using various software (e.g. SPSS);
  • Able to write reports, in a range of styles, that capture the complex nuances of conflict, then communicate them in a way that is clear, concise and persuasive; • Proven experience of delivering analysis and reports in a timely manner;
  • Personal efficiency, resourcefulness, organisational ability and the ability to be flexible and maintain good humour in challenging circumstances;
  • Awareness of cultural diversity and political sensitivities and ability to address such issues with tact, diplomacy and sensitivity;


  • Experience of working in the Central African Region
  • Fluent in a third language of Sango or Arabic
  • Focus group or interview facilitation skills

How to apply

Applications will only be considered if they are submitted as follows:
Submit your CV and a covering letter as two separate documents. The cover letter should be no more than two pages long and explain:

Why you are interested in the post and why you’d like to work for Concordis
How your skills and experience make you a good fit for the person specification
What languages you can use to a professional level, including verbally and in writing.
Name published reports (preferably including links to the reports) on peacebuilding, conflict analysis or similar where you’ve been a named (co)author
Describe research you’ve undertaken and published relating to peacebuilding analysis
Describe your experience of undertaking statistical analysis of large datasets
Give examples of how you’ve tailored your publications for a range of audiences

The document should be saved in PDF in the following format:
Your First Name-Your Last Name–Document Name–Date(mmyy) eg, John-Smith-CV-0524
Please send both documents to [email protected]

 Closing date: 23 Jun 2024

A full Recruitment Pack can be found on our website here

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