Call for Applications: The Internet Society Foundation BOLT Grant Program 2024

The Internet Society Foundation takes a futurist approach to support the development of innovative methods, technologies, and infrastructure that seek to enhance Internet connectivity and access. The Foundation aims to support teams of creatives, technologists, researchers, and social/cultural workers to design and build prototypes and pilots that will bring into reality innovative solutions to Internet connectivity particularly among communities where current technologies are unavailable or not readily accessible. By focusing our funding in this way, the Foundation will create opportunities to expand the vision of the Internet Society, that The Internet is for everyone.

BOLT Program Objectives

  • Advance Internet development
  • Improve Internet access and connectivity around the world
  • Promote responsible innovation


The Internet Society Foundation believes that innovation is at the core of providing better opportunities for people to transform and enrich their lives. The Foundation also believes that teamwork and collaboration are the cornerstone of forging new ideas, new realities, new systems and new ways of working. We believe the brightest future is the one we build together.

The Building Opportunities/Leveraging Technologies (BOLT) Grant Program is designed to support teams of innovators working to expand the possibility of Internet connectivity and access globally through the development of prototypes and pilots. Teams may include creatives, artists, technologists, researchers, social or cultural workers and must be housed in a relevant non-profit organization or institution.

Teams should be focused on building technical and social innovations related to Internet connectivity that strive to be:

  • Cost-reducing
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Trust-enhancing
  • Relevant to users and community
  • Imaginative and engaging in experimentation and play
  • Accessible


The basic eligibility requirements for all Foundation grants are outlined here. Teams must ensure that their lead organization meets these basic requirements.

The Foundation seeks to fund teams housed in organizations that align with the Internet Society’s mission and its work for an open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy Internet for everyone.

Application Process and Timeframe

Applications will open starting July 2 and close on August 6, 2024. The application period closes at 21:00 UTC on Friday, August 6th, 2024. 

Read more about the application review process.

View the application template.

Selection Criteria

Assembled teams/collectives will be asked in the online application form to:

  • Clearly articulate how the proposed project directly addresses the objectives of the BOLT program
  • Demonstrate their affiliation with an organization that is a 501(c)3 or equivalent

An Independent Program Review Committee (IPRC) will determine the success of eligible applications based on the following:

  • The proposed project effectively responds to a clearly identified need
  • The team demonstrates the necessary knowledge, experience and capacity required to successfully implement this project
  • The project team has identified relevant outcome indicators that demonstrate sufficient impact, relative to the funding level.


Grants of up to USD$300,000 will be awarded for projects up to 18 months in duration. Read about the current BOLT projects.

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How To Apply

Applicants are strongly encouraged to register their organization in the Foundation’s grants managements system Fluxx prior to the application window opening. Please note that the registration process can take up to two days to complete after creating an account. Only applications submitted in the Foundation’s grants management system by the deadline will be considered for funding. We encourage you to submit your application early.

Incomplete applications or applications that do not meet eligibility requirements will not be considered (see “Eligibility” section above). 

We accept applications in English, French, and Spanish. 

You may also consult this guidance on how to develop a strong application.

Submit your application

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