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GELA is an international organization headquartered in Nigeria. GELA envisions a world where every youth has equal and unhindered access to employability skills and high profile career mentorship in order to evade the fears of an unforseen future.

GELA seeks to bridge the global youths unemployment gap, reaching out locally to multitude at a time through a unique hybrid and globally collaborative model.

Eligibility Information

GELA identifies, trains, certifies and deploys unjustly discriminated and socioeconomically disadvantaged youths aged between 18-35 years, who reside in urban communities, are internet friendly and despite their challenges, are deeply passionate about becoming next generation leaders in their respective sectors and countries, but are currently at risk of being unemployed or underemployed. GELA offers a safe place with a gamifying feature where these undergraduates, graduates and young professionals happily compete with their peers to upgrade their employability skills without a feeling of inferiority complex and get rewarded for doing so.

The GELA African project has already impacted close to 5,000 young people in West Africa within the pilot stage. And so, a digital hub ( was created where young people from across Africa (and globally) can remotely access both basic and advanced high-quality live sessions, audio records, video records, and text documents on soft skills, technological skills, and leadership from foreign mentors across the globe.

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The Prestigious Global Foreign Mentorship Programme (PGMP) formerly known as WAFMP, helps in identifying, training, mentoring, and deploying impeccable and proficient leaders into politics, business, and civil service, from those youths aged 18-35 years whose voices have not been heard for decades such as the extremely marginalized, people of colour and the socioeconomically disadvantaged. PGMP seeks to be the hub for grooming global leaders across all sectors. The GELA Skillup-360 project has recently been expanded to include youths from all continents/regions of the world.

Very importantly, 80-100 participants will be selected globally in an inclusive manner that allows for a healthy balance such that delegates are selected from the various continents. The program is ideally valued to be worth 100 USD per participant but has been made largely free for only the most passionate few ready to take a journey toward greatness.

Benefits of the Program

  • Those selected will be given a free access coupon code to get onboarded, be assigned to a foreign mentor, and get trained for free.
  • Upon completion of the programme, all selected participants will be offered the option of opting for a valuable certificate if interested. This will be noted during the post-completion survey which all participants shall take at the end of the programme.

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