Animal Advocacy Careers (AAC) is hiring a Partnerships and Programme Specialist (remote worldwide): Apply!!

Animal Advocacy Careers (AAC) is seeking a passionate and driven Partnerships and Programme Specialist to join our remote team.

As the Partnerships and Programme Specialist at AAC, you’ll lead our efforts to expand our network and impact through strategic collaborations with organisations within the animal advocacy movement and adjacent sectors. Additionally, you will take the lead in being an ambassador for our proprietary database programme designed to significantly improve the retention and redistribution of talented individuals in our sector. 

With the right person, this role has the potential to multiply the impact of our proven cost-effective programmes and reach many more people who are looking for a more meaningful career.

Benefits to you

  • An opportunity to contribute to the development of an exciting early-stage nonprofit startup that works to help animals as effectively as possible.
  • A highly autonomous working culture, with primary responsibility for the direction, goals, and achievements of your work produced. What this looks like in practice:
    • You will create your own goals and get them approved instead of your manager creating them for you. You will receive guidance as needed, but there will not be any handholding.
    • We will not control what hours you work or how you work. We will agree on due dates with you and expect you to adhere to them.
    • We have monthly all-staff meetings, weekly 1:1 check-ins with managers, and additional meetings as needed. Outside of these meetings, we do not have a lot of opportunities for socialising with team members.
    • This will not be the right fit for everyone, and that is OKAY. Please think carefully about it
  • Fully remote work environment and team.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Generous and flexible self-managed time off policy
  • Optional 2 days of direct volunteering work e.g. at a sanctuary, protest, or self-care days. 
  • 1-month paid sabbaticals after every 3 years
  • Encouragement and support to spend at least 5% of paid time on training and development and a $500 professional development surcharge budget.
  • A clear compensation policy with opportunities for promotion annually.

How You Will Make a Difference

As a priority: 

  • Create AAC’s partnership strategy, providing insights and recommendations based on industry trends, market research, SWOT analysis, stakeholder feedback, and organizational goals.
  • Take primary responsibility for the promotion and external communications of AAC towards organisations and supporters, such as regular communication of our new programmes and strategic updates to relevant channels.
  • To enhance AAC’s outreach and visibility, develop and nurture relationships with animal advocacy organisations and others in adjacent sectors to the movement, such as universities, media outlets or governmental institutions. 
  • Identify and source organisations to feature on our job board with a focus on the organisations’ priorities e.g. more adjacent sector opportunities and LMICs (Low and Middle Income Countries).
  • Build and maintain relationships with existing partner organisations, ensuring effective communication and collaboration and exploring further opportunities for partnership growth and innovation.

Programme management:

  • Take ownership of the operations of AAC’s B2B candidate database, pro-actively sourcing new clients, ensuring seamless onboarding of new clients and renewals, and maintaining up-to-date documentation of users and organisations.  
  • Maintain & build relationships with client organisations through a regular cadence of interactions, pro-actively assisting them with recommendations and eliciting feedback.  
  • Maintain semi-regular communication and touch points  with candidates providing them with resources and motivation and  ensuring their details remain up to date so the product is as useful as possible. (A big part of this could be easily automated) 

Ensure up-to-date evaluations and reporting:

  • Take the lead in evaluating partnership effectiveness by tracking key performance metrics, gathering feedback from partner organisations, and preparing reports for internal review or external stakeholders.
  • Take the lead in monthly reporting of the candidate database by tracking key performance indicators and preparing reports for internal review or external stakeholders. 

If time permits beyond the priority tasks; there will be a lot of autonomy in the role to decide what you think can help most in achieving our objectives and align best with your skills. This could be for example:

  • Working with an agency to develop media and public relations
  • Collaborating with other outreach channels.

Interested? check out the complete application

What We’re Looking For

  • Strong project management skills, with the ability to prioritise tasks that are most needed to achieve the organisation’s goals.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to tailor content for different audiences.
  • Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret data and insights to drive decision-making.
  • Strong interpersonal skills: Ability to build rapport with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Ability to adjust to changing priorities and maintain open mindedness to new solutions, when evidence guides us.
  • Team working skills in line with our conscious collaboration values.
  • A passion for animal welfare and a strong commitment to AAC’s mission.
  • A collaborative team player who thrives in a dynamic and results-oriented environment.
  • Have strong computer literacy.
  • Have strong attention to detail.
  • Be comfortable working independently in a fully remote team.
  • Strong work ethic; highly motivated and self-directed with the ability to work independently and take initiative.
  • Be motivated to develop strategies and processes that optimise for social impact at the movement level.

You don’t have to have any particular previous experience to qualify for this role.

We can imagine a wide array of experience types that might increase our confidence in your ability to perform the role to a high standard in rough priority order, e.g.:

  • Proven ability to build and maintain strong relationships with diverse stakeholders
  • Project Management: Experience managing multiple projects simultaneously and meeting deadlines.
  • Proven skills with a strong attention to detail, ensuring all external communication is to a high and professional standard. E.g. research, client management or operational background. 
  • Prior experience in partnership roles or client management/ customer service
  • Strategic Partnership Development: Proven experience creating and implementing successful partnership strategies 
  • Experience with Influencers: A proven track record of identifying and engaging with relevant influencers in the animal advocacy space.
  • Experience in drafting press releases, managing media inquiries, and securing media coverage

We don’t expect any candidate to have had experience with all of the above things, and none of them are requirements. We are open to candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

You don’t have to have taken our online course or be an expert in animal advocacy -we’ll be happy to allow the right candidate the time to upskill on this.

AAC is committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. We encourage all qualified individuals to apply, regardless of ethnic background, race, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, age, ability etc. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns regarding accessibility, and we will endeavour to make adjustments throughout the process where possible.

Additionally, it is sometimes said that men tend to apply for jobs when they meet only some of a job’s criteria, while women and other marginalised groups are less likely to apply if they are not a 100% match. If you are passionate about AAC’s mission and think you have what it takes to be successful in this, please apply even if you don’t check all the boxes. We’d appreciate the opportunity to consider your application.


  • Location: Remote. Most countries and time zones are workable (though you will need to be available for a couple of monthly and weekly meetings convenient for American or European team members and stakeholders).
  • Terms of Employment: part-time independent contractor, 20 hours per week, 12 month fixed-term contract.
    • 3 month probationary period
    • We expect to renew the contract if the role meets your needs and ours and you perform well.
  • Pay rate: $41,000 pro rata, 0.5 FTE would be $20,500 per annum.
    • AAC doesn’t negotiate pay rates and has a location-independent salary and contractor fee policy.
  • Reports to: Lauren Mee CEO
  • Deadline for applying: rolling applications. We will assess candidates as applications are received and expect to get back to you up to 2-3 weeks after receiving your applications.
  • Start: As soon as possible after the hiring process is complete and the candidate is available
  • We can provide reasonable accommodation for all candidates. We will offer extra time for test tasks for non-native English speakers and further accommodation if requested. You will be able to request accommodation in the application form.
  • We will offer general feedback to all candidates if they weren’t selected. We may offer more detailed feedback after the interviews.
  • We will send all unsuccessful candidates further resources to help with their job search. If you make it to the interview stage, we may refer your candidacy to other organisations in the movement with your permission.
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: August 17, 2024

How to Apply

Thanks for your interest in working with us to help animals!

We will be hosting an optional Q&A session about this role on the 26th of June at 6PM CET.

To join us, please register in advance here.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the live Q&A.

Application Process:

  1. Application form: Please complete our application form. It consists of a few question prompts, which we’ll use to assess your application. We expect that the application shouldn’t take you more than 1 hour. We will assess your application within 3 weeks and send you an email letting you know whether we will proceed with your application or not.
  2. Behavioural interview: If we proceed, you will have a paid structured behavioural interview. We will then send you another email letting you know whether we will proceed with your application or not.
  3. Test tasks: If we proceed, you will be asked to complete up to 3 hours’ worth of paid test tasks. We expect you to complete the test tasks within 1 week. We will then send you another email letting you know whether we will proceed with your application or not.
  4. Final interview: There will be one final interview to discuss your skills and the role. We’ll also resolve any uncertainties and discuss any practical questions.
  5. Reference checking: If you reach this stage, we will contact your provided references to verify your previous experiences and qualifications. We will notify you once this process is complete and inform you of the next steps.

​We expect to make an offer to the successful candidate 5-6 weeks after applying to the role, ideally by the end of August. 

We recognise that this application process is more time-consuming than some. We offer an honorarium of $40 per test task (up to a maximum of 2 hours), as well as $20 per interview (note that this payment might be taxable in your country and you are responsible for reporting it to your tax authority.)

Any questions: Please contact [email protected]Please do not send us your resumes and cover letters to this address – it will not be counted as an application. Our process starts with filling out this form where you can attach your CV. Thank you!

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