Apply Today!! DAI Global is looking 16 Enumarators (various locations) the USAID Africa Trade and Investment Activity

Period of Performance: August 2024

Contract Name: ATI Activity

Contract No: 7200AA21C00056

Place of Performance: Various – see details below

Level of Effort: Short Term Technical Assistance (STTA)

Number of Days: 20 days


The Africa Trade and Investment (ATI) Activity is designed to bolster the U.S. Government’s ability to boost trade and investment too, from, and within the African continent. The continent-wide program is USAID’s flagship effort in support of the Prosper Africa initiative and will expand and accelerate two-way trade and investment between African nations and the United States.

Driven by market demand, ATI embraces innovative approaches to achieve its goals. ATI is designed as a small, core set of centrally coordinated technical and institutional support activities and a large, flexible performance-based subcontracting and grants under contract facility designed to support the needs and opportunities that USAID Missions and the private sector identify.


The objective of this Scope of Work is to outline the requirements for conducting a comprehensive survey in August to collect essential data on outcome indicators for the annual report. This data will highlight the impact of ATI activities, specifically on:

  • Farmer application of improved practices promoted through private sector grantees.
  • Size of land area under these improved practices.
  • Sales made by farmers.
  • Other effects accrued to the farmers.


  1. Data Collection Survey:
    • Administer phone call interviews to gather detailed information on the key indicators listed above.
    • The survey will be carried out in August to ensure timely submission of the annual report.
  2. Data Collection Team:
    • Recruit a team of 16 Data Collection Enumerators to administer questionnaires and collect data from the target countries.
    • Training sessions for Data Collection Enumerators will be conducted to ensure accurate and efficient data collection.
    • Data collection enumerators will interview a total of 1,660 farmers/participants based in the relevant countries.
  3. Geographical Coverage: The survey will be conducted across 13 countries as listed below:
  • Nairobi, Kenya – 3 enumerators
  • Kampala, Uganda – 2 enumerators
  • Johannesburg, South Africa – 1 enumerator
  • Maputo, Mozambique – 1 enumerator
  • Luanda, Angola – 1 enumerator
  • Lusaka, Zambia – 1 enumerator
  • Lilongwe, Malawi – 1 enumerator
  • Gaborone, Botswana – 1 enumerator
  • Windhoek, Namibia – 1 enumerator
  • Accra, Ghana – 1 enumerator
  • Monrovia, Liberia – 1 enumerator
  • Ouagadougou, (Sahel), Burkina Faso – 1 enumerator
  • Bamako, Mali – 1 enumerator


  • Understanding the Survey Objectives: Grasp the goals and objectives of the survey to ensure that data collection aligns with the intended outcomes of the project.
  • Participate in training sessions to thoroughly understand the survey instruments, methodology, and ethical considerations.
  • Familiarize themselves with the survey tools, including questionnaires and digital data collection devices.
  • Contact and arrange for phone interviews with the respondents provided by the survey coordinator
  • Conducting Interviews and Data Collection on the digital survey tool ensuring that each question is understood by the respondent and answered completely.
  • Record data accurately and record it as specified in the survey guidelines
  • Adhere to protocols that ensure the quality and reliability of data, such as obtaining consent from respondents and maintaining confidentiality.
  • Monitor data for completeness, consistency, and accuracy during collection.
  • Identify and resolve any issues that arise during data collection, such as respondents’ unwillingness to participate or misunderstandings regarding questions.
  • Report significant issues to supervisors or team leaders for further guidance.
  • Conduct all survey activities in an ethical manner, respecting the rights and privacy of participants.
  • Maintain impartiality and avoid influencing respondents’ answers.
  • Manage and store data collection tools and devices responsibly.
  • Complete assigned tasks and submit all collected data within the specified timelines.
  • Offer insights and feedback on the data collection process during debriefings to help refine and improve the survey methodologies.
  • Work collaboratively with other team members, sharing insights and supporting each other to meet the project’s objectives.


The Data Collection Enumerators will report to the MEL Advisor FTF.



  1. Education: Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, statistics, agriculture, economics, or a related field is preferred.
  2. Experience: Minimum 4 years’ experience in conducting surveys, interviews, or data collection. Experience working in the relevant countries and with the specific communities where data collection will occur is required. Experience in conducting phone interviews will be added advantage.
  3. Technical Skills:
    • Proficiency in using digital data collection tools such as tablets, smartphones, and software like ODK, KoboToolbox, SurveyCTO, or similar.
    • Ability to manage and organize data effectively and ensure accurate entry into databases.
  4. Language Skills:
    • Fluency in the local language(s) of the area where data collection will take place, as well as proficiency in the working language of the project (often English or French).
    • Excellent verbal communication skills to interact clearly and effectively with participants.
  5. Interpersonal Skills:
    • Strong interpersonal skills to engage with diverse groups of people, sometimes in challenging or sensitive environments.
    • Respect for cultural differences and the ability to behave appropriately in varied social settings.
  6. Training: Willingness to participate in intensive training sessions prior to the start of fieldwork to understand the survey methodology, ethical considerations, and specific tools used for data collection.
  7. Ethical Integrity: Strong ethical standards to ensure confidentiality and impartiality in the collection and handling of data.
  8. Availability: Must be available for the full duration of the data collection period, including any preparatory meetings and post-fieldwork debriefings.


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How to apply


Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as interviews will be conducted soon. Please note, due to the volume of applications that we receive and the urgency to fill-up positions, only shortlisted applicants will receive notification on next steps.

Closing date: 18 Jun 2024


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