Crest Point for Consultancy and Development is looking for M&E Field Coordinators (various locations): Apply Now!!

The Field coordinators are responsible for overseeing the operational processes of data collection in the targeted locations.
This position requires candidates with excellent English language skills, and proficiency in Arabic is considered an asset. Additionally, candidates should possess experience and knowledge in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and research.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
Operational Tasks:
– Provide skilled and qualified M&E enumerators located in each project’s target areas/communities
– The field coordinator is responsible for all financial agreement and process with the selected enumerators
– The field coordinator is responsible for any operational and logistics related tasks on the ground

Data Collection:
– Develop sound filed workplan in alignment with the timeline of each implemented project
– Provide training for enumerators assigned for an implemented project.

Translation of tools and data.
– Lead and coordinate the field work and data collection on the ground- based on the methodology of each implemented project
– Conduct interviews, focus group discussion, surveys, and any other M&E-related activities – based on the methodology of each project.
– Keep the implementation of the field work on track as per the work plan.
– Conduct quality assurance of the data received from the enumerators. Only satisfactory data in terms of quality should be delivered.
– Share all relevant data, information, and pictures with CPCD team via agreed-upon share-point.
– The data, information, and pictures should be well-organized and well-stored on the share-point for easy access.
– Develop and update progress tracking sheet on daily basis.
– The tracking sheet should be accurate and clear.
– Share a challenges report immediately after the end of data collection for each project.


Communicate effectively with CPCD team, including, but not limited, to CPCD Head of Projects Unit, CPCD Projects Coordinator, and CPCD M&E and Operation Coordinator effectively. CPCD team should be updated and informed regarding the progress of the data collection, challenges, and red flag, on daily basis.

Candidate profile & qualifications
1. Candidates should have a strong network of enumerators across all areas/communities in one of the targeted countries.
4. Possess substantial experience in the M&E domain and relevant on-the-ground data collection.
5. Demonstrate excellent management and operational skills.
6. Exhibit excellent English language skills.
7. Proficiency in Arabic is considered an asset.
8. Hold a relevant university degree (e.g., social sciences, M&E, development studies).
9. Demonstrate an understanding of the development/humanitarian sector.
10. Possess strong qualitative and quantitative analytical skills.
11. Exhibit excellent communication skills.
12. Be able to work effectively in a multi-cultural work environment.

How to apply

  1. Download the TRO:
    • Click on the link HERE.
    • Save the document to your device.
  2. Prepare the Required Documents:
    • Gather all the necessary documents as specified in the TRO.
  3. Submit Your Documents:

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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