Young Africa(YA) International is seeking the Services of highly Experienced Climate Action Experts for its Greening Strategy Development: Apply Now!!

Terms of Reference: Development of Young Africa International Green strategy which integrates principles of circular economy.

  1. Background

Founded in the Netherlands in 1998 Young African (YA) currently operates in four countries as a federation of independently and locally registered affiliated organisations. YA operates in three other countries in partnership with other organisations that are replicating the YA models. Each Affiliate operates TVET – Centre(s), youth (self-) employment programs and community activities.

The vision of YA is a world of quality and shared word of equality where the power of young people is channeled to transform the world around them. The mission of YA is the integral development of disadvantaged youths aged 15 to 35 years with a special focus on young women and youths with disabilities. YA does this through imparting to youth skills of the hands to make them self-reliant, skills of the heart and mind to help them live with dignity and skills of the soul to help them live with a purpose. The core business of YA is thus skills training for employability and entrepreneurship.

YA is committed to providing high-quality and sustainable vocational training to young people to mitigate the substantial challenge of youth unemployment in Africa. YA’s 2024-2026 includes the need to ‘green’ our work across the board. This will allow YA to impart environmentally conscious job and work skills that will contribute to a more sustainable future for all. To operationalise this commitment, YA is seeking the services of highly experienced climate action experts who will assist the organisation in coming up with a comprehensive greening strategy.

  1. Objective of the assignment

The objective of this assignment is to develop a comprehensive green strategy for Young Africa International that integrates sustainable practices (including circular economy) into its operations, programs, and services.

  1. Scope of work

The assignment will be divided into 4 phases and is covering the following countries Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe:

  1. Pre-assessment Phase
  2. Draw up a YA greening framework (including circular economy principles) which will be used as a guide to come up with a YA Greening strategy.
  3. Phase 1: Internal Assessment
  4. Use the greening framework to assess the organisation’s current operations i.e.
  • Review previous and current greening initiatives implemented by YA and its Affiliate countries including energy consumption, water usage, waste management, and carbon emissions.
  • Identify opportunities for reducing the organisation’s environmental impact through environmentally sustainable practices, such as energy-efficient lighting, renewable energy sources, and recycling.
  • Assess possibilities of integrating circular economy principles in YA’s training programmes and recommend implementation strategies.
  • Assess the extent of integration of greening concepts in curricula and the effectiveness of delivery thereof.
  • Assess the capacity and readiness of YA training centres to integrate green skills, identify gaps and recommend strategies to fill these.
  • Provide a ‘Greening Status Report’, based on the approved greening framework, outlining key recommendations for YA.
  1. Phase 2: External Assessment
  2. Conduct country-specific climate assessments showing how it affects YA’s work.
  3. Identify sectors with a potential for green jobs in the above -mentioned countries, clearly indicating the requirements needed to set up these trades.. This must include the level of skills required for these green jobs.
  4. Provide a general overview of community awareness of environmental education in the areas we are working on and strategies to sensitize the community.
  5. Map and profile green strategy implementation best practices and draw lessons that can be replicated by YA and its Affiliates.
  6. Produce a report of the external assessment and provide recommendations on integration to the YA green strategy.
  7. Final phase: Compile YA green strategy integrating circular economy principles.
  8. Guided by the framework and information gathered in Phases 1 and 2, develop a comprehensive YA greening strategy that outlines goal, objectives, and implementation action plans that fully integrates circular economy principles throughout the organisation.
  9. Provide a list of potential partners and collaborators that YA can work with to implement the strategy, clearly outlining the role each will play.
  10. Validate strategy with internal and external stakeholders (through a virtual validation meeting).
  11. Develop a plan for monitoring and evaluating the success of the greening strategy.

4.Key Deliverables:

  1. Approved inception report, including detailed methodology and data collection tools.
  2. Approved greening strategy framework that includes circular economy principles.
  3. Detailed reports for phases 2 and 3.
  4. A green strategy document outlining goal, objectives, action and implementation plans.
  5. Validation workshop/meeting, with key stakeholders
  6. A plan for monitoring and evaluating the success of the green strategy.


For each selected or preferred phase of the assignment- Consultants should propose the most effective methodology to use to fully satisfy the scope of work outlined herein.

6. Requirements:

YA requires the services of an individual, team of consultants or firm that has experience in developing ‘greening strategies for vocational training programmes’. Bidders may choose to submit a proposal for one or more of the phases above. Bidders for phase 1 will be involved throughout the execution of the assignment (all phases) as they are expected to guide the development of the strategy framework, refine the scope of work in phases 2 and 3, and then carry out all the tasks in phase 4.

Other requirements

  1. The consultants must have expertise in environmental assessments and sustainability expertise.
  2. The consultant must demonstrate experience in designing green strategies for organisations including integration of circular economy principles.
  3. Evidence of previous work.

Milestones, deliverables and timelines:

  • The above assignments will be completed within 3 months from the start date. Below are the timelines for each phase.



Payment triggers

Advertisement of ToRs

5 June 2024

Shortlisting and interviews

19 June 2024

Consultancy Contract signed

25 June 2024

Inception Meeting

28 June 2024

Submission of approved inception report, including assessment tools and greening strategy framework.

10 July 2024

Trigger for 20% deposit payment

Complete Fieldwork and Literature Review (internal and external assessments)

24 July 2024

Submission of assessment report, review and finalisation

7 August 2024

Trigger of 30% payment

Submission of greening strategy based on findings and recommendations from assessment report, review and finalisation

21 August 2024

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Trigger of 30% payment

Validation of strategy (virtual stakeholder meeting)

28 August 2024

Submission of final greening strategy includes implementation, M&E plan, and orientation of key staff.

18 September 2024

Trigger of 20% final payment


Must breakdown costs according to the milestones and deliverables listed above.

How to Apply

Application deadline and submission requirements:

The consultant/s must submit a proposal outlining the following:

  • Understanding of the Terms of Reference,
  • Proposed methodology to be utilised and expected outcomes for this assignment.
  • Detailed breakdown of the costs.
  • 3 references for similar work
  • Evidence of similar work

The deadline for submission is 17 June 2024 at 17:00 hours South African Time. email to [email protected] . Late applications will not be considered.

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