The Meliore Foundation is hiring an Editor of UNCS News (contractor, 0.5 FTE-fully remote): Apply Now!!

Application Deadline: June 19, 2024

Department: Operations & Network Support

Employment Type: Contract

Location: Remote / Flexible Location

Workplace type: Fully remote

We’re looking for a part-time editor (0.5 FTE) on a consultant basis who can use their talents in editorial strategy and writing to make UNCS News an even more effective source of news and analysis for policymakers, journalists and NGOs following the world of international climate diplomacy.

UNCS News was founded as a collaboration between multiple not-for-profit news sites in 2019 to cover important angles and voices around international climate diplomacy that other outlets rarely give space to, from impacts hitting small island states and climate adaptation, to farming in Africa and carbon offsets. 

We place real emphasis on taking complex topics and explaining the crux of them in ways that are easy to understand. Since its founding, UNCS News has been quoted in dozens of other news outlets, published exclusive content from ministers and gained a social media following of around 80,000 people.  

The part-time editor consultant assignment will give someone passionate about tackling one of the biggest issues of our time the opportunity to bring UNCS News to the next level as it grows. 

If this sounds like the right challenge for you, we’d love for you to apply.

How you’ll contribute

  • Work with our team to refine UNCS News’ editorial strategy and editorial calendar to ensure we’re covering topics in a way that contributes new perspectives to the discussion and proves useful to our audiences. 
  • Write, self-edit and upload timely, clear and error-free articles, from longer-form explainers on complex ongoing topics to rapid pieces in reaction to announcements at summits. 
  • Commission and edit opinion pieces from leading figures from business, government and civil society
  • Occasionally be responsible for commissioning the production of content by freelance writers, graphic designers, etc. However, this role would primarily involve writing content independently.   
  • Be responsible for the quality of everything published on the site under the UNCS News name. 
  • Work with digital colleagues to improve UNCS News’ marketing approach on the site, social media and other platforms. 
  • Draw on digital colleagues for data to report on UNCS News’ effectiveness at reaching and engaging our audiences.  
  • Oversee a site restructure and redesign. 
  • Make a compelling case for desired resourcing levels – e.g. for commissioning content from freelance writers – based on the potential for engaging our audiences more effectively. 

Our ideal candidate has

  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • A background in journalism or editing, with a demonstrable track record in writing to tight deadlines while paying extremely close attention to detail.
  • The ability to explain complex topics in ways that are easy to understand.  
  • Proven experience in covering topics related to international climate diplomacy is preferred. 
  • A keen understanding of audiences and editorial strategy – our preferred candidate will contribute ideas on which topics to cover because they can change our audiences’ perspectives, not just because they are interesting. 
  • The ability to discuss marketing data with digital colleagues, to assess whether we’re engaging our audiences sufficiently and what that means for strategy. 
  • Experience working with multimedia beyond text articles – videos, infographics, podcasts, etc. – is a plus. 
  • The disposition to work generously with colleagues in a high-trust global community of peers.
  • The versatile and adaptable skills necessary to flourish in a fast-paced and wide-ranging work environment and work across time zones using tools such as Zoom, Slack and email (Google Workspace).
  • A commitment to an inclusive and empowering approach to facing climate change.

Why join us?

  • A part-time (0.5 FTE) consultant contract for 12 months. 
  • Collaborate closely with a remote-first, international network of professionals working on climate, energy and nature. 
  • Work with a bunch of dynamic, culturally diverse individuals who combine their passion to make a difference with a rigorous and results-oriented approach to work.
  • Enjoy regular opportunities to connect and collaborate with colleagues around the world. 

Location: flexibly remote.

Only the candidates with the right to work in their location will be considered.

About Meliore Foundation (FUP)

A place to thrive!

We’re an international network that values genuine diversity. We know that tackling the climate emergency will need all of society and we want our network to be reflective of the richness of that society. We are looking for people who bring their best, most professional and effective selves to work. People who are respectful, kind and have a sense of fun. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you. 

Your ideas, perspectives, and lived experiences are key to how you go about your work. We encourage people from historically disadvantaged or underrepresented groups to apply.

About the Meliore Foundation

Our vision is for a world where science-based facts on climate help guide the public debate. The Meliore Foundation endeavours to put just, inclusive and equitable solutions to global issues at the core of the world’s political, social, environmental and economic discourse. To help achieve this vision, Meliore provides operational support and regranted funding for aligned programmes engaged in strategic communications and campaigns. 

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