Mzalendo Trust Kenya is hiring! Multiple Roles Available Now

Mzalendo Trust, a Kenyan non-partisan Parliamentary Monitoring Organization, offers various opportunities for individuals interested in promoting transparency, accountability, and public participation in parliamentary processes.

Opportunities at Mzalendo Trust

1. Civic Tech and Research: Mzalendo Trust develops and manages civic tech tools aimed at increasing public participation and transparency in parliamentary processes. They produce evidence-based research and facilitate advocacy efforts to engage citizens and stakeholders in governance.

2. Advocacy and Partnerships: The organization leads advocacy campaigns and partnerships with parliaments, civil society organizations (CSOs), and citizens to promote legislative openness and public participation. These efforts are part of broader commitments to ensure inclusive, participatory, and representative decision-making at all levels.

3. Anti-Corruption Initiatives: Mzalendo Trust collaborates with other CSOs to combat corruption. They focus on scrutinizing parliamentary committee work, MP plenary and committee attendance, and Constituency Development Fund (CDF) reports to enhance transparency. They also push for the enactment of crucial anti-corruption legislation, such as Whistleblower Protection and False Claims laws.

4. Inclusion of Underrepresented Groups: A key priority is promoting the inclusion of women, youth, and persons with disabilities in Kenya’s governance ecosystem. Mzalendo Trust develops guidelines and engages in robust dialogues to create a pool of qualified individuals capable of engaging effectively in governance, either as political aspirants or activists.

5. Public Awareness Campaigns: Mzalendo Trust is involved in public awareness initiatives, such as the National Integrity Alliance, which enlightens the public on the suitability of political candidates. They also participate in campaigns aimed at passing the Access to Information Regulations, essential for implementing the Access to Information Act, 2016.

6. Capacity Building: The organization offers training and education programs for CSOs, focusing on policy analysis, advocacy, public mobilization, and campaigns. These capacity-building initiatives are designed to empower civil society to engage more effectively with governance issues.

Check below for current opportunities available, just click on the title to see more aboyr the opportunity.

Job Advert – Programs Assistant

Job Advert – Programs Officer

Job Advert – Program Officer – Civic Tech

Job Advert – Communication Intern

Joining Mzalendo Trust can be a rewarding experience for those passionate about promoting good governance, transparency, and accountability in Kenya.

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