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Role Purpose

The Marketing and Communications team sits at the heart of Gold Standards efforts to build a climate secure and sustainable world. This role will be responsible for events and internal communications, including change management. This can be a remote working position (UK-based), or a hybrid working position at our HQ in Geneva, Switzerland.  

What We Do

Gold Standard is a standards body and thought leader that promotes the best that can be achieved in climate and development projects. It was established in 2003 by WWF and other international NGOs as a best practice standard to ensure projects that reduced carbon emissions under the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) also delivered sustainable development benefits. Today, our standard, ‘Gold Standard for the Global Goals’, allows climate and development initiatives within carbon markets, corporate supply chains, and sustainable finance to manage, measure and maximise their impacts toward the Net Zero ambition of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. Certification against the standard provides the confidence that these results are measured and verified, enabling credible impact reporting. ISEAL Code Compliant and backed by a broad NGO Supporter Network, Gold Standard has 2000+ projects underway in over 90 countries, creating billions of dollars of shared value from climate and development action worldwide.

Our Values

  • Pioneering: For over 20 years, Gold Standard has shown how carbon finance can achieve its highest potential. We’ve created innovative new standards, programmes and tools that raise the bar for quality across a broader range of applications than carbon markets. We focus on those that have the most promise to contribute to our vision and mission, bringing them to market with the requisite planning and resources.    
  • Rigorous: We build on our reputation for quality and rigour with more robust measurement of outcomes, stronger safeguards and greater impact across the Sustainable Development Goals. Our objective is to make rigour simpler and more achievable at scale.    
  • Collaborative: We work with key partners who share our goals and complement our strengths. Our partnership strategy aims to move beyond working opportunistically as a delivery partner in favor of collaborating in long-term strategic synergy.    
  • Transparent: We were established to bring confidence, trust, and accountability to carbon markets. We will continue to take strides to improve transparency in our own processes, in the broader market and in non-market mechanisms.  The Gold Standard Foundation is looking to build our team with exceptional people who are excited and driven to shape and deliver this ambition and uphold our values. 

  You will be responsible for:


  • Support the Director of Marketing and Communications in developing an events strategy that maximises the impact of Gold Standard’s events sponsorship and attendance.
  • Plan and execute Gold Standard events, including webinars, ensuring seamless operations from start to finish.
  • Align events with Gold Standard’s strategic objectives, ensuring each event effectively communicates our core messages, effectively engages our stakeholders, and runs seamlessly, cooperating with others across Gold Standard to ensure this.
  • Manage event budgets, logistics, timelines, and vendor relationships to deliver high-quality events that enhance Gold Standard’s reputation.
  • Plan and monitor Gold Standard’s presence at external events, including sponsorship opportunities and employee attendance.
  • Ensure that participation in external events is tracked and reported, and key outcomes and insights captured and effectively distributed among relevant team members.
  • For key events, develop pre-event briefings for Gold Standard participants to ensure consistent messaging and optimise engagement.

Internal Communication:

  • Develop an overall internal communications strategy aimed at supporting Gold Standard to be a welcoming place to work, and ensuring that employees from across the organisation are informed about each other’s achievements.
  • Produce and distribute Gold Standard’s internal newsletter highlighting key updates and achievements from within the team.
  • Organise and coordinate ‘All Team Calls’, creating agendas that ensure all staff are informed and have the opportunity to contribute to discussions.
  • Maintain and enhance the ‘Communications Grid’, a comprehensive internal communication tool that keeps Gold Standard’s employees up to date with key external communications.

Change Management:

  • Create and execute comprehensive communication plans that align with the program’s objectives and timelines.
  • Identify key stakeholders, understand their needs, and manage their expectations effectively throughout the program’s lifecycle.
  • Conduct thorough impact analyses, evaluate change readiness, and address stakeholder resistance.
  • Develop and deliver training materials and sessions to educate stakeholders on new processes and systems.
  • Track the progress of the change initiatives, including milestone achievements and the effectiveness of communication strategies.

Ad-hoc Communications Support:

  • Be prepared to undertake additional tasks and projects as they arise, with the flexibility to support the Marketing and Communications Team across a broad range of activities.
  • Act as a communications liaison between departments to ensure consistency and effectiveness of messaging across all platforms and mediums.

You will bring to the role: 

  1. Education and Background:
    • A bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, public relations, or a related field relevant to Gold Standard activities is preferable. Relevant certifications can also be beneficial.
  2. Experience:
    • Event Management: Prior experience in planning and executing events, including webinars, is essential. Familiarity with event logistics, budgeting, and vendor management is valuable.
    • Internal Communications: Experience in internal communications, such as creating newsletters, organizing team calls, and maintaining communication tools, is advantageous.
    • Change Management: Exposure to change management processes, stakeholder engagement, and communication strategies is beneficial.
  3. Skills:
    • Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills are crucial. The candidate should be able to convey messages effectively to various audiences.
    • Organisational Skills: Strong organizational abilities are necessary for managing events, timelines, and communication plans.
    • Collaboration: The candidate should work well with cross-functional teams and be able to cooperate with others across the organization.
    • Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changing priorities and handle ad-hoc tasks is important.
    • Attention to Detail: Ensuring seamless operations and capturing key insights require attention to detail.
  4. Soft Skills:
    • Stakeholder Management: The candidate should be skilled in managing stakeholder expectations and building positive relationships.
    • Problem-Solving: The role involves addressing challenges related to events, communication, and change management.
    • Creativity: Creativity in developing engaging communication materials and strategies is valuable.
    • Teamwork: Collaborating with colleagues and acting as a liaison between departments requires strong teamwork.
  5. Software Proficiency:
    • Familiarity with communication tools (e.g., email platforms, intranet systems) and other software is beneficial.

What we offer:

The salary range for this role will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Other benefits to working at Gold Standard include:

  • A mission-driven organisation working at the leading edge of climate and sustainability
  • Rewarding work in a dynamic non-profit environment
  • A collaborative workplace within a multicultural team
  • An ambitious, agile and flexible environment 

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Closing Date

Applications for this role will close on day 5th June 2024. Successful candidates will be contacted for an interview.


Please submit a 1-page cover letter explaining why you want to work for the Gold Standard and a CV through our recruitment portal. 


Gold Standard provides equal opportunity for all job applicants and employees and is committed to providing a work environment free of discrimination. We are dedicated to an inclusive culture and we strive to create a workplace where teams of people with diverse backgrounds, characteristics, perspectives, ideas and experiences work together.


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