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Passionate about shaping narratives of hope and action? Ready to ignite change on a global scale? Here’s your chance!

Job description

Co-Head of Story & Communications

Permanent* / full time

*offered on a 12 month contract basis initially, with possibility of extension / move to permanent contract, subject to local terms.

Location: The successful candidate may be based in a country where one of the independent National/Regional Greenpeace organisations (NRO’s) is located. See the locations here[Unfortunately, we are currently unable to host new staff in a number of NROs at this present time, due to various restrictions. We are unable to support hosting of new staff in Africa, India, US, UK, Italy, Colombia, MENA region, in addition to some other NRO locations. The recruitment team may reach out to you to provide an update as necessary, depending on your location]. We offer competitive NGO level salary and benefits, the specifics of which depend on location where the successful candidates will be based. We aim to share this information with candidates before reaching the offer stage.

Greenpeace International is looking for a Co-Head of Story and Communications to collaborate and partner with our current internal Co-head. Together, you will craft and deliver inspiring, authentic stories of radical hope that will help grow the global environmental and social justice movement, both in scale and power. Forging a more peaceful, equitable, sustainable and just future in the furnace of the polycrisis.

Greenpeace is a story that wants to be told. A story of an epic struggle to save the world. Of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It’s a story of people who believe in hope in action, because a billion acts of courage can change the world.

As part of the Greenpeace International Programme Department, the two Co-Heads of Story and Communications will lead a diverse ‘team of teams’ encompassing three global comms hubs, a media library, digital support and channels team, an internal and influencer communications team, and a story advisors and communications strategist team.

Do you know the difference between being data driven and data informed? Do you understand the relationship between story, strategy, tactics, brand and identity? Do you appreciate the power of a diverse approach to story gathering? Do you have experience of creating global communication’s strategies and plans, and can you lead in a crisis?

In this role you will:

  • Lead and manage the design and development of Story and Communications strategies and tactics to support the delivery of an impactful Global Programme.

  • Provide cross-functional and strategic leadership to the Story and Communications team of teams, covering comms hubs, media library, digital, internal and influencer communications, story advisors and communications strategists.

  • Lead the engagement of Story and Communications staff with colleagues in the International Programme, Fundraising and Tech teams to ensure Greenpeace has a coherent, inspiring organisational story that enables a compelling story driven programme and collective brand proposition and promise.

  • Oversee the effective management of Greenpeace International’s channels, communications tools and communities of practices to support an impactful Global Programme.

  • Lead, manage and develop a multidisciplinary team of teams and support managers with their line and task management.

  • Task manage staff members from other areas who are allocated to the Operations team for specific tasks/projects.

  • Facilitate NRO-NRO collaboration.

  • Foster dialogue and smart risk-taking.

  • Build and maintain strong working relationships with key allies and strategic partners to align the strategy and improve the impact of the global movement , especially in the Global South.

  • Provide reactive communications support for the Greenpeace International Executive Team.

  • Ensure effective representation in the Greenpeace International Crisis Management Team.

  • Ensure the effective budgeting, management and expenditure of internal resources, including staff and operational budgets.

For further details about the role, please see the full job description HERE.

Job requirements

What we’re looking for:

Remember no one has every skill or experience needed for this role and you’ll have the opportunity to learn a lot from the team. We believe someone who has a few of these is well suited to exceed in this role:

  • Significant senior story and communications leadership experience, of which substantial time spent leading international teams.

  • Highly experienced strategist –ability to anticipate developments, spot opportunities and lead the story and communications community to continually learn and evolve strategically and tactically.

  • A track record of delivering effective, audience centric, communication strategies and tactical delivery against a backdrop of a constantly evolving media landscape.

  • Experience in organisational identity and brand strategy development and delivery.

  • Deep understanding of the storytelling approach, tools and techniques.

  • Experience in working with multicultural staff and teams and across borders and time zones and with a wide variety of views.

  • Experience with co-leadership and collaborative management preferable.

  • Experience in implementing and bringing about significant positive changes in work culture, practices and performance.

  • Experience in building exceptional teams.

  • Experience in critical incident and crisis communications.

  • Exceptional influencing skills, and strong negotiation, communication and presentation skills.

  • Fluent written and spoken English, one or more additional languages preferred.

  • Experience in working effectively to very tight deadlines and under stressful conditions, including supporting a dispersed team covering a 24/7 media cycle.

  • Demonstrable support for and belief in the Greenpeace network core aims and values.

  • Digital literacy skills; the ability to learn and utilise our digital platforms to successfully perform the role function (familiarity with G-Suite, Slack and Zoom is an advantage)

What you can expect:

You’ll be encouraged to develop both personally and professionally, taking advantage of the wide range of learning and development opportunities available to our staff. Staff can also access our wellness initiatives and also have the opportunity to join our global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion staff communities.

Please visit the careers site here, to learn more about working for Greenpeace.

About us:

Greenpeace is a global campaigning network. It comprises 25 independent national/regional organisations, and a coordinating organisation, Greenpeace International. Greenpeace uses peaceful, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and develop solutions for a green and peaceful future.

Our goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity. That means we want to:

  • protect biodiversity in all its forms

  • prevent pollution and abuse of the earth’s ocean, land, air and fresh water

  • end all nuclear threats promote peace, global disarmament and non-violence

To Apply:


CLOSING DATE: Wednesday 5th June 2024 @ 23:59 CET

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