Remote Work Opportunity: Methodica Consulting Request for Proposals for Data Collection Firms


Methodica Consulting is a consulting firm specialised in measuring social change in complex settings. We build tailored M&E and research methodologies to support public and private entities in delivering social change in remote locations, fragile states, and developing countries.

Our complementary expertise in qualitative and quantitative methods has been successfully employed in various assignments: from OECD-DAC-based evaluations and verification exercises to more advanced outcome-focused monitoring systems and research; from descriptive and inferential statistics to country-level econometric assessments.

Our team and network include experienced professionals with a wide range of advisory and on-field experience, as well as relationships with trusted data collection partners across our countries of operation. Methodica Consulting is led by Monica Gazzola, with 12+ years of experience in large-scale, multi-country M&E projects primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, supporting major donors (e.g., UN, EU, UK, US) in a wide range of thematic areas, including stabilisation, peacekeeping, governance, countering violent extremism (CVE), migration, women empowerment and military operations.

Request for Proposals

Methodica Consulting is currently looking to expand its network of local partners in West, East and North Africa to participate in new business proposals. Methodica Consulting is seeking applications for qualified organizations to support data collection (Quantitative and Qualitative), translation and analysis activities. Eligible organizations must be locally registered and based in one or more of any West, East, North African countries.

Scope of potential work:

Typical activities that Methodica would like the local partner to undertake include the below:

  • Support the design and translation of qualitative and/or quantitative research tools in West, East and North Africa
  • Lead the collection of qualitative and quantitative data through multiple tools provided by Methodica (e.g., surveys, key informant interviews (KII), focus group discussions (FGD), Observations, Checklists, etc.) in insecure or hard-to reach areas
  • Liaise, on behalf of Methodica, with local stakeholders (e.g., ministers, local authorities, traditional leaders, vulnerable groups, security personnel, etc.)
  • Identify and implement methods that reflect contextual considerations (e.g., remote monitoring methods such as phone/video meetings, mobile phone surveys, virtual site visits, GIS/remote sensing monitoring, etc.)

Application Guidelines:

Proposals are expected to contain the following sections:

  1. Company Presentation including: Organization Name, Physical location of organization’s main office, Website; Name, Title, number, and email address of the Applicant’s primary contact regarding this proposal
  2. M&E and Research Experience detailing example of relevant previous work, including previous clients/ donors
  3. Geographical Reach detailing capabilities in key geographies, especially in remote areas
  4. Data Collection Capabilities, e.g.quantitative, qualitative, surveys, KIIs, FGDs, site visits
  5. Language Capabilities
  6. Overview of Software Capabilities,especially data collection ones
  7. Overview of Quality Assurance and Control protocols
  8. Quotes and Cost Estimations (please provide a quote range for deliverable (e.g., KIIs, FGD, Survey etc) by country and location)
  9. References (please provide three organizational references who can attest to the quality and timeliness of tasks related to the above scope of work)

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How to apply

The issuance of this RFP does not constitute an award commitment on the part of Methodica Consulting, nor does it commit Methodica Consulting to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of an application.

Applicants should submit a complete application no later than April 30th, 2024 at 12:00pm CET. Proposals should be written in English or French and follow instructions provided and contain only requested information.

Questions and Applications should be submitted by email to [email protected]. No questions will be entertained if received by means other than the specified email address.

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