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Position Title : Consultant – Floods Research
Duty Station : Homebased
Classification : Consultant, Grade Other
Type of Appointment : Consultant, five months
Estimated Start Date : As soon as possible
Closing Date : 14 April 2024

Project Context and Scope

Shelter Projects is a joint initiative to develop learning and understanding around good shelter
programming, it centres around a collection of global case studies developed through an
interagency consultative process which has already completed nine editions since 2008. Shelter
Projects aims to support learning from past responses in order to inform current and future
practice. As such, Shelter Projects includes case studies of a wide range of different
approaches to shelter and settlements assistance.

Case studies highlight both good practices and challenges encountered and reflect on what could have been done differently. In addition to case studies, Shelter Projects also regularly produces thematic booklets that focus on specific geographic regions or thematic areas (e.g. urban settings, cash, site planning, etc.). These have primarily been an opportunity to compile case studies along these themes to make them more accessible and targeted to specific audiences.

However, there is also a desire for more analytical and substantive research to accompany these thematic collections of case studies, including through the use of mixed-methods research.
This research aims to analyze case studies from Shelter Projects in flood-prone contexts to
identify common themes, issues, trends, and best practices

Research may complement existing literature for example on preparedness in light of the anticipated impacts of climate change, to provide valuable insights into what makes shelter and settlements programming more effective, efficient, and impactful in flood-prone contexts. The exercise is therefore both a synthesizing of existing research and documentation on this issue, as well as the production of
original research, including through the use of interviews with key stakeholders in flood-prone
contexts. Specific research questions are to be developed by the consultant following the initial
literature review, however these should consider certain themes while ensuring relevance to
shelter and settlements practitioners. Themes to consider may include:

  • How to enhance resilience to flood hazards?
  • How to increase preparedness for a shelter and settlements response to flood hazards?
  • How to ensure effective shelter and settlements response to a flood disaster?

Organizational Department / Unit to which the Consultant is contributing:

Department of Humanitarian Response and Recovery in IOM Headquarters – Shelter and Settlements unit (Office of the Deputy Director General -Operations). Under the current BHA funded project “Promoting Better Shelter and Settlements Practices” and the direct supervision of Shelter and Settlements Officer, the Consultant – Flood Research will provide support for the Shelter and Settlements Unit of IOM in their capacity as lead agency for the publication of Shelter Projects (, a compendium of case studies, research, and other materials promoted by the Global Shelter Cluster.

Core Functions / Responsibilities:

Tasks to be performed under this contract
The consultancy should take place between May and September 2024. The expected
deliverables are as follows:

  • Inception report / presentation: forming the basis of a meeting with the Shelter Projects team
    following the initial desk review, the researchers should prepare a presentation or short
    inception report that suggests specific research questions or lines of enquiry, proposed case
    studies for further analysis, and key stakeholders to interview.
  • Thematic Booklet: A concise booklet (<20 pages, not including reproduced case studies)
    summarizing the findings of the research, including common themes, issues, trends, and best
    practices identified from the case studies and interviews. The booklet should include analysis of
    shelter interventions in flood contexts to date, as well as a look ahead at what might be
    expected in the future. The final publication will include a reproduction of the selected case
    studies, in addition to the <20-page research component of the booklet. Note that the booklet
    will be produced in multiple (at least two) iterations to allow for feedback and revision.
  • Presentation of findings: depending on interest, an event focused on presenting the findings of
    this research may be organized, at which the selected consultant will be expected to present the
    findings and provide support materials (e.g. a presentation) for such an event.
  • Published Interviews: At least two recorded interviews with key stakeholders will be edited and
    published as standalone pieces to showcase real-life perspectives and experiences. This will be
    done in coordination with the IOM communications division to support professionalism of the
    Note that the selected consultant will be expected to provide finalized content for the
    deliverables, not necessarily including layout, video editing, etc. which will be supported by the
    Shelter Projects team.
    The publication of the thematic booklet should take place no later than September 2024. The
    desired starting date for this consultancy is May 1st, allowing for a 4.5 month timeline, which
    may be adjusted upon mutual agreement, and structured as such:
  • Inception and scoping: 2 weeks
  • Desk review: 1 month
  • Interviews: 1 month
  • First draft: 3 weeks
  • Revisions: 3 weeks
  • Layout and editing: 2 weeks
    Payment by installments by deliverables completion or as a standalone final payment upon
    completion of the consultancy will be agreed with the selected candidate.

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