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WINGS: Elevating Philanthropy

WINGS is a network of philanthropy development and support organisations committed to
ensuring philanthropy reaches its fullest potential as a catalyst for social progress. Our growing
community of thought leaders and changemakers includes over 200 member organisations
across 60 countries.

Our goal is to encourage collaboration and ignite potential — to rally philanthropic actors
everywhere to build a more just, equitable, and healthy world and support the achievement of
the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Our newly-released 2023-27 Strategy focuses on three broad strategic priorities.

Strategic Priority 1 (SP1): Nurturing Network(s) and Strengthening Ecosystems

Strategic Priority 2 (SP2): Influencing Philanthropy’s Norms, Practices, and Environment
and strengthening a global, unified collective voice and action

Strategic Priority 3 (SP3): Transforming WINGS as an Organisation
Underpinning our new 5-year strategy is an intent to build movements both to influence norms
and practices in philanthropy and to advocate for change in enabling regulations and policy for
philanthropic actors. A key part of these movements and their success will be the agility and
organising capability that lives in the WINGS Network.


WINGS is looking for a research consultant/consultancy firm to map the philanthropic support
ecosystem for people-powered nonviolent social movements (NVSMs) and other allied civic
actors engaged in nonviolent collective action, starting from WINGS’ membership. The project
aims to strengthen the agency, resiliency, and efficacy of activists and NVSMs that advance human rights, climate and social justice, democracy, and inclusive development within a cohesive global social movement resourcing ecosystem.

The research will examine actors, approaches, volume of support and opportunities related to local intermediary support to NVSMs, with a primary focus on Africa and Latin America. Building on WINGS’ recent paper on added value of local intermediaries in locally-led climate action, the research will dive deeper into grantmaking intermediaries such as community funds, socio-environmental funds, women’s funds and community foundations, and the philanthropy
networks that support them. It will analyse the current state, specificities, added values, challenges and scaling opportunities to support NVSMs through integrated local funding ecosystems. It will ask and answer the question of what philanthropy and giving ecosystems are needed to support the sustainability and resilience of people-powered democratic social movements at local, regional and international levels. The research should have a specific focus on the state of domestic resourcing and successful strategies for securing local versus international funding.

This research will provide insights and recommendations on (1) mechanisms to support activists and NVSMs, (2) financing models, and (3) conditions to scale these models, including through philanthropy ecosystem strengthening approaches. The consultant/consultancy firm will be tasked with designing and developing the research methodology, carrying out the data collection, and analysing the findings to provide insights and recommendations. The work should be performed between April and November 2024. The total budget available for this consultancy is $25,000.

Specific tasks:

  • Design and develop the research methodology.
  • Carry out desk research and interviews with key stakeholders to inform the findings.
  • Analyse findings and provide recommendations for the key research questions.


  • Research methodology (April 2024)
  • First draft report (June 2024)
  • Final draft report (August/September 2024)
  • Final report (October/November 2024)

Reporting requirements

The consultant/consultancy firm will report to the Network and Ecosystems Director and other
designated members of the WINGS team, who will regularly communicate and provide
feedback and guidance. The consultant/consultancy firm will provide regular progress updates
through agreed-upon channels, including email, phone calls and meetings. All activities and
deliverables undertaken by the contractor shall be discussed and planned in consultation with
WINGS. The consultant/consultancy firm should ensure that the required deliverables are
completed by the deadlines stipulated by the WINGS team and should work with the highest
professional ethical standards and in keeping with WINGS’ values.

Skills and experience

The consultant/consultancy firm should have a significant professional background (over 5
years) in research and extensive experience conducting similar work for global
non-profit/philanthropic organisations.
The consultant(s) should have strong analytic aptitude and effective interpersonal,
communication and reporting skills. Knowledge of the philanthropic and NVSM sector in the
target regions is highly desirable.

Application procedure:

Consultants/consultancy firms should submit their proposals via this online form by 7:00 UTC
on April 25, 2024.
Proposals must include all the documents requested. Proposals submitted by any other means
will not be accepted. The consultant/consultancy firm shall structure the proposal as follows:

Expertise of the applicant (max. two pages) – this section should provide details regarding
consultant(s), CVs and experience, including a list of projects/contracts (completed and/or
ongoing, domestic and/or international) with at least three contact details of its clients, which is
related or similar to the requirements of this Terms of Reference.

Proposed methodology, approach and implementation plan (max. two pages) – this section
should demonstrate the consultant(s) response to the Terms of Reference by identifying the
specific components proposed, providing a detailed concept and description of the essential
elements presented and demonstrating how the consultant(s) will meet or exceed the
specifications while ensuring the appropriateness of the approach. This methodology must be
laid out in an implementation timetable that is within the duration of the contract

Competitive financial proposal (max. 0.5 page) – This section should include the budget to
successfully meet or exceed the specifications stated in the Terms of Reference.
Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.


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