Exciting Job Opportunity: WorldFish is hiring a Video Production Team, Apply!! (remote position)

WorldFish is seeking talented and experienced video production team to produce a short promotional video (~4 min) and capture compelling stills and b-roll highlighting the groundbreaking Africa- Asia BlueTech Superhighway project. This initiative represents a significant leap forward in sustainable aquaculture and fisheries management, fostering South-South collaboration between two of the world’s most dynamic regions.

Project Overview

The Africa- Asia BlueTech Superhighway project, spearheaded by WorldFish, aims to revolutionize the aquaculture and fisheries sectors across these continents. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and economic empowerment, this project is poised to address critical challenges in food security, livelihoods, and environmental conservation.

Video Objectives

  • Emphasize the project’s innovative participatory approach from the ground up to foster sustainable aquaculture and fisheries management.
  • Illustrate the partnership between Asian and African nations, showcasing how this collaboration leverages shared knowledge, technologies, and resources for mutual benefit through South-South collaboration.
  • Detail the potential outcomes of the project, including improvements in food security, economic opportunities for local communities, and contributions to environmental sustainability.
  • Craft a compelling narrative that captivates audiences, encouraging support and participation from stakeholders around the globe.

Still Photography

  • Take photographs that reflect the project’s impact, the beauty of the landscapes, and the spirit of the communities involved.
  • Provide a series of stills that complement the film narrative.


  • Capture b-roll of the countries and communities where the project is being implemented.


  • We are looking for high-quality production with clear visuals, compelling narratives, engaging storytelling techniques, and stunning still photography.
  • Experience in Documentary or Promotional Filmmaking and Photograph. Video producers should have a proven track record of producing videos and capturing photographs that inform, engage, and inspire.
  • Experience in cross-cultural settings. A deep understanding of the project’s cultural, environmental, and socio-economic contexts is essential.
  • Ability to Travel. Video production team may need to visit project sites in Asia and Africa to capture authentic stories, landscapes, and portraits.

Evaluation and Selection

Applications will be evaluated based on the qualifications and experience of the consultant, the quality and feasibility of the proposed approach and work plan, the relevance of previous work examples and the most competitive proposal. Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview or request additional information before final selection. This opportunity is open for all applicants.

How to apply

Interested filmmakers and photographers are invited to submit the following materials ONLINE VIA THIS LINK for consideration no later than 24:00 (MYT) 12 April 2024:

  • Portfolio -Links to previous work that demonstrates your ability to produce engaging and high-quality films and stills.
  • Project Proposal – A brief outline of your vision for the promotional film and stills, including conceptual approach, narrative structure.
  • Budget Estimate – A detailed budget proposal that includes pre-production, production, and post-production costs.
  • Please note: Travel expenses for this consultancy will be covered by WorldFish.

Our Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Commitment

WorldFish has seven offices across Asia, Africa and the Pacific, with more than 400 staff and 27 nationalities who contribute to a dynamic multicultural work environment.

WorldFish is committed to promoting a work environment where diversity and inclusion is valued and we seek to have gender balance in the organization. We aim to also seek balance across other diversity dimensions.

People in WorldFish are treated equally irrespective of gender, ethnicity/race, national or social origin, disability, religion, political affiliation, age, family size, marital status or any other form of personal identity.

We are an equal opportunities employer and strongly encourage qualified women and men from developing nations to apply.

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