Became a Leader in International Affairs: Apply for the Queen Elizabeth II Academy Fellowships and Leadership Programme (fully funded and open to multiple nationalities)

The Queen Elizabeth II Academy Fellowships and Leadership Programme, hosted by Chatham House, serves as a beacon for nurturing emerging leaders and fostering positive transformations in global governance. With the aim of equipping early and mid-career professionals with the tools to navigate complex international issues, this initiative offers up to ten fellowships annually.

Empowering Future Policymakers

The core mission of the programme is to empower participants to become future policymakers committed to driving constructive change in global affairs. Through a structured curriculum, fellows are provided with unparalleled opportunities to:

  1. Develop Confidence and Leadership Skills: The programme focuses on honing leadership abilities and fostering self-assurance.
  2. Gain Insights into Critical International Affairs: Fellows delve deep into pressing global challenges, developing strategies for effective response.
  3. Undertake Research at Leading Policy Institutes: Fellows have the chance to spearhead research projects at world-renowned policy institutions.
  4. Access Mentorship for Personal and Professional Growth: Mentorship opportunities are offered to facilitate holistic development.
  5. Forge Lifelong Connections: Networking opportunities enable fellows to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering enduring relationships across the global network.

Testimonial: Former Robert Bosch Stiftung Academy Fellow, Kateryna Busol, underscores the transformative impact of the fellowship, stating, “The fellowship has helped me see a bigger picture of the matters I work on as a lawyer.”

Programme Structure

Fellows spend up to ten months at Chatham House, engaging in a multifaceted programme designed to cultivate leadership and expertise. The curriculum is structured around four key pillars:

  1. Knowledge Enhancement: Fellows deepen their understanding of policy challenges and explore potential solutions through research.
  2. Skill Development: Leadership skills are honed through workshops and training sessions.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Fellows collaborate with leading experts in international affairs, fostering enduring professional connections.
  4. Personal Growth: The programme facilitates confidence-building, effective communication, and presentation skills through tailored coaching and training.

Current Opportunities: 

The Academy currently offers three fellowship opportunities:

  1. Global Platform for Action Climate and Sustainability Academy Fellowship: Are you passionate about climate action and sustainability? Join forces with Chatham House, the Global Platform for Action on Sustainable Energy in Displacement Settings (GPA), and the University of Oxford Refugee-Led Research Hub (RLRH) to tackle pressing humanitarian energy challenges. As a fellow, you’ll spend ten months at Chatham House, working on a personal project aimed at advancing inclusive humanitarian energy access. Don’t miss this chance to contribute to global efforts towards a sustainable future. Applications are open from 6pm GMT on 25 March to 11am BST on 22 April 2024. Click here 
  2. Mo Ibrahim Foundation Academy Fellowship: Are you an early or mid-career professional with a passion for research and policy development? Partner with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation and Chatham House to delve into critical global issues through individual research projects. As a fellow, you’ll spend ten months immersed in Chatham House’s dynamic environment, honing your skills and expanding your professional network. Seize this opportunity to shape the discourse on international affairs. Applications are open from 6pm GMT on 25 March to 11am BST on 22 April 2024. Click here
  3. Schwarzman Academy Fellowship: Are you driven to make a tangible impact through your own initiatives? Collaborate with Chatham House and the Stephen A. Schwarzman Education Foundation to bring your personal project to life. This fellowship empowers you to spend ten months at Chatham House, where you’ll receive support to realize your vision and enhance your leadership capabilities. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – apply now and embark on a journey of innovation and influence. Applications are open from 6pm GMT on 25 March to 11am BST on 8 April 2024. Click here

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 The Queen Elizabeth II Academy Fellowships and Leadership Programme stand as a testament to Chatham House’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of global leaders. By providing a platform for knowledge exchange, skill development, and collaborative engagement, this initiative continues to shape the trajectory of international affairs, driving positive change on a global scale. For those aspiring to make a meaningful impact in the realm of global governance, the Academy offers a transformative journey towards leadership and excellence.

For more information on fellowships, leadership programmes, or opportunities for partnership and funding, please contact us.

Applications for current opportunities are open. Refer to the provided links for detailed requirements and deadlines. Find out more here

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