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In the face of escalating climate change, the International School on Climate Mobilities (ISCM) stands as a beacon of interdisciplinary education and collaboration. This institution is dedicated to empowering scholars, researchers, and practitioners with the critical tools necessary to address the complexities of climate-induced displacement. By fostering a space for co-knowledge production across various disciplines and geographies, the ISCM aims to generate sustainable solutions to the challenges posed by climate-related (im)mobilities.

About the ISCM

The ISCM provides an enriching and interdisciplinary educational program geared towards understanding and addressing climate-induced displacement. It seeks to equip participants with the skills needed to critically analyze the multifaceted nature of climate-related mobilities across different disciplines and geographic contexts. By centering on issues of marginality and vulnerability, particularly among women, racialized communities, minorities, Indigenous groups, and economically disadvantaged individuals, the ISCM aims to contribute to the creation of a more environmentally just world.


Established in 2022, the mission of the ISCM is to connect emerging scholars, practitioners, and change-makers in critical knowledge exchange. It aims to equip them with the tools necessary to develop innovative, cross-sectoral, and just solutions to the challenges posed by climate change and (im)mobilities.


  • Facilitate an educational forum for critical dialogue and evidence-based learning.
  • Empower emerging scholars to tackle the complexities of climate-related mobilities.
  • Advance research on the climate-migration nexus.
  • Expand the network of scholars and practitioners contributing to the field of climate mobility.

Course Structure

The ISCM curriculum spans six weeks, covering a range of topics:

  1. Multiple and complex drivers and agency in climate-related (im)mobilities
  2. Environmental (im)mobilities, health, food, and livelihood security
  3. Climate justice: unpacking coloniality, gender, race, class, indigeneity, and climate-related displacement
  4. Protection politics: climate mobility, human rights, and refugee law
  5. From structural violence to ‘resource wars’: the climate change, conflict, and displacement nexus
  6. Building resilience in the context of environmental (im)mobilities: mitigating risks, enhancing adaptive capacity, and addressing loss and damage

Beyond the Classroom

The ISCM believes in extending learning opportunities beyond traditional classroom settings. Alongside the core curriculum, participants engage in a Capstone Project, gaining practical experience in the field of climate mobility. Additionally, a series of side events are hosted in collaboration with various organizations and universities. These events focus on career development and other relevant topics, broadening the impact and inclusivity of the ISCM initiatives.

The Third Annual ISCM

The third annual International School on Climate Mobilities will be co-hosted by the Centre for Human Rights Law, the Law, Environment and Development Centre, and the Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies at SOAS University of London. The course will be held online via Zoom from June 3 to July 10, 2024.

How to Apply

Applications for the 2024 ISCM are open from March 15 to April 5, 2024, at 11:59 pm BST. Interested individuals are encouraged to learn more about the program and apply for this transformative educational opportunity.

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