Exciting Opportunity: Survivor Alliance is seeking a World Congress Event Coordinator (WCEC) for remote work: Apply!!

The World Congress Event Coordinator (WCEC)

Commitment: Approximately 25 hours a week (with flexibility according to work plan needs).
Starting as soon as possible, until the end of October 2024.

Location: Ideally residing in Kenya, but we are also open to other countries. The consultant will
work mostly in the EAT/ CEST time zone, and flexible availability is required on a regular basis to
work with people based in other global regions. WCEC will need to be in person for the World
Congress in Nairobi (September 30-October 4 2024)

Point of Contact: Director of Movement Building (DMB)
Rate: $33/hour
The application will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Ideal Start Date: As soon as possible

Survivor Alliance welcomes candidates of all abilities who have a diverse set of skills; however, this consultancy will be best suited for a candidate who has as nearly all of the requested criteria, with an emphasis on event coordination for social justice movements.
If this consultancy speaks to you, but you do not have the required criteria, there will be other
opportunities to engage in the co-creation of the World Congress – to be announced soon.


Survivor Alliance will host its second World Congress in October 2024. The World Congress (WC)
will bring together 100 survivors of human trafficking and slavery and 50 allies from around the
world to enable a survivor movement to build. The entire event will be designed and facilitated
by survivor leaders and a few key allies. The World Congress will be a 4-day long convening and
will be hosted in Nairobi, Kenya & The World Congress Event Coordinator (WCEC) responsibilities involves:

  • The World Congress Event Coordinator (WCEC) will be responsible for the logistics of the World Congress, including arranging interpretation, travel, and accommodation for all the participants.
  • They will be responsible for working with several contractors, as well as communicating with survivor leaders from around the world that will join the event.
  • The WCEC will work closely with the Director of Movement Building to make sure that the logistics of the event are aligned with the organization’s values and mission. They will also work closely with the Planning Committee, which consists of people with lived experience of human trafficking, and other Survivor Alliance staff to incorporate their perspective and experience into the logistics plans, and to upskill their capacities to organize event logistics.
  • The WCEC should be able to work autonomously and rely on experience, judgment, and instinct to assess, prioritize, and address concerns that may arise.
  • The ideal candidate will have professional experience planning and implementing convenings for social justice organizations. An awareness of trauma-informed practices and the ability to demonstrate both personal and professional boundaries is essential for success in this role.
  • The skills and ability to build and maintain positive relationships are required. This includes stating one’s needs, bringing humor and joy, addressing conflicts, and positively managing group dynamics.


Survivor Alliance’s mission is to unite and empower survivors of slavery and human trafficking around the world to be leaders in the anti-slavery movement. Founded by three survivors of human trafficking, we are of, by, and for survivors. We believe that investing in survivors is a key anti trafficking intervention. For too long, survivors have been ignored and tokenized in anti-trafficking work. Although there is greater inclusion in some countries, such as the United States, it is not yet an integrated best practice in the US or throughout the world.

Additionally, there remains a gap in ethical, meaningful, and structural engagement with survivors and
limited actors developing guidance for survivor engagement. Survivor engagement in anti-trafficking work also remains siloed from other social justice movements, such as workers’ rights and gender based violence movements. The Survivor Alliance team are the architects of connectivity. We build bridges between survivors and their own potential and between survivors of different experiences and
backgrounds. We are also building bridges, alongside our fellow survivors, between their lives
immediately after enslavement and what the rest of their life can be.

By uniting survivors of human trafficking around the world and building collective power, Survivor Alliance pursues an intersectional approach to social justice. We believe that survivors of human trafficking are more than their experience of this particular trauma and we invite everyone to do the same. Our approach integrates personal healing and justice with community healing and justice. Through empowering survivors – by which we mean providing the resources, support and training so that survivors can harness their own inner power – we are supporting the growth of educated, self-aware, and capable survivor leaders.

We share our lessons and methodology for working with survivors and link our members to opportunities in the anti-trafficking movement. In doing so, we are leading the field in how to engage with survivors and facilitating increased survivor-ally collaborations. In all of our programs, we focus on meaningful survivor inclusion, economic empowerment, and well-being.


  • Empathy – We bring an ethic of care to all that we do. We welcome the spectrum of human emotions and seek to be and do with others instead of for others.
  • Relationships – We believe that healthy and resilient relationships are central to social justice work. We invest in trauma-informed and healing-centered relationships.
  • Freedom – We believe that freedom is more than a lack of enslavement and that everyone deserves to define what freedom means to them. We hold that freedom is both an individual and collective journey.
  • Learning – We believe in curiosity, exploration, and ardent pursuit of new skills and knowledge. We also believe everyone deserves grace and support in this pursuit.
  • Authenticity – We want to build an environment where people can express who they are and what they think, feel, and believe. We seek to represent diverse views of our community and recognize that survivors’ and allies’ experiences are not uniform.

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