WHO seeks applications from experts for global Technical Advisory Group on Behavioural Sciences: Apply Now!!

The Behavioural Insights Unit in the Healthier Populations Division has launched a Call for Experts for the global WHO Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Behavioural Sciences for Better Health for July 2024 – June 2026; deadline 21st April 2024. WHO’s work on behavioural sciences is summarized in this short video. Since July 2020 WHO has been receiving expert advice in this area by a technical advisory group with 21 experts from 16 countries and and the activities of the current TAG over the last four years are summarized here

The Technical Advisory Group, 2024-2026, will provide independent advice to WHO on how to apply the behavioural sciences to public health, how best to apply behavioural science approaches within WHO and in response to Member States’ requests, advise WHO on the implementation of the resolution WHA 76.7 Behavioural Sciences for Better Health, and make recommendations to WHO for the adoption of operational frameworks for the mainstreaming of behavioural sciences into WHO operations. 

This TAG on behavioural sciences is composed of renowned experts representing a broad range of disciplines relevant to behavioural insights and sciences, including psychology, behavioural economics, anthropology, sociology and more. The group will brings together extensive experience in designing, implementing and applying research on health-behaviours; translating the latest evidence, approaches and methods from the behavioural sciences into advice for health policies and programmes; guiding WHO on the quality and ethics of behavioural data and evidence; and evaluating the impact of behaviourally-informed interventions – all across the diversity of global contexts. 

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The new members on the TAG will build on the work of the current TAG membership who were recruited from an open call for experts in 2020. Over the last four years the TAG have contributed to publications for WHO (such as behavioural considerations for the acceptance and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines), developed a technical note on the principles and steps for applying a behavioural perspective to public health; written an open letter to the Bureau of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body on the use of behavioural and social sciences to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response; and advised on numerous and diverse health topics through 17 full advisory group meetings, four working groups, and numerous individual document reviews and targeted advice. 

This is an exciting opportunity for experts to contribute to the application of behavioural sciences to public health. More information on submissions, the selection process, and eligibility criteria can be found here

Please kindly consider applying if you are a recognized expert in this field and please share this news through your communication channels and circulate it within your networks. 

The deadline for applications is the end of day on Sunday 21st April 2024

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