IREX International Request for Graphic Design Services, Remote, Home based: Apply!!!

IREX (International Research & Exchanges Board) is seeking quotes from qualified respondents to provide graphic design services for the SHE’s GREAT! 2.0 project. More information on this project can be found here.


Issue Date:              07 March 2024
Proposal Due Date:       11 March 2024
Anticipated Award Date:  15 March 2024

To Whom It May Concern:

The anticipated award will be a fixed price contract. IREX reserves the right to withdrawal this request for proposal at any time up to the award of the contract.

Proposal Requirements
Organizations interested in providing some or all of these services must submit a proposal, including a breakdown of costs, which demonstrates the organizations’ capacity to provide:

 Item DescriptionQuantityNotes
1Graphically design SHE’s GREAT! Gender & My Community Curriculum   (75 pages) 75 pages Previous version of this curriculum can be found for reference here
2Graphically design SHE’s GREAT! STEM Academy Curriculum (expected 100 pages)Estimated 100 pages 
3SHE’s GREAT! Program Overview (1 page)1-2 pages 
4SHE’s GREAT! Country Resource Kit Template (max 5 pages)Max 5 pages 
5SHE’s GREAT! Participant Workbook (expected 100 pages) Estimated 100 pages 
6Other SHE’s GREAT! materials (word or PDFs), as neededMax 500 pages
7Graphics used in design delivered in an editable format, if possibleMax 15 items
8Other SHE’s GREAT! materials (powerpoints), as neededMax 100 pages

All noted specifications represent the minimum acceptable requirements. Submissions are welcome to provide alternative specifications as long as all meet or exceed the above-mentioned specifications. Submissions are also welcome that have some or all of the requested items.

Proposals must be accompanied by a budget in sufficient detail to determine the price elements, and all associated costs and fees and any expected fees, if applicable or present.

Proposal Submission
If you are interested in furnishing this service, please e-mail a proposal to [email protected] Attn: Tyler Dickerson, SHE’S GREAT! 2.0 Program. All submissions should reference the following title:

SG FY24-002

The submission must include the following:

  1. Statement of Interest providing a general overview of a service provider, services offered, and a summary of relevant experience.
  2. Proof of Certification(s) if applicable
  3. Annex “A”, Price proposal filled out with applicable rates or similar formatted quote.

If you decide to submit a proposal, it must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on 11 March 2024. Late submissions will only be considered if in the best interests of the project, and then at IREX’s sole discretion. All proposals and included pricing quotes submitted must be valid for a period of not less than sixty (60) calendar days from the closing date indicated above. Statement of Interest providing a general overview of a service provider, services offered, and a summary of relevant experience.

Proposal Evaluation

The criteria are listed in descending order starting with the most important factors to be evaluated.

  • Overall Price Competitiveness                                        20%
  • Ability to provide requested services for the dates of the event                     50%
  • Experience and Qualifications                                       30%

Evaluation and ranking of proposals will be done by IREX in Washington, DC.  IREX may at its discretion ask for additional information or perform site visits.

For any questions related to this solicitation, please contact:

Tyler Dickerson
Procurement Officer II
[email protected]  
+ 202 628 8188
1275 K Street, Suite 600
Washington, D.C. 20037

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