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FAO recognizes that rural women and men, together, hold the keys to end hunger, malnutrition and poverty. Rural women and girls, in particular, are recognized as agents of change and resilience builders. Across low-income countries, women make up 38 percent of agricultural employment. As agricultural producers, farm managers, processors, traders, wage workers, entrepreneurs and community leaders, they fulfil important roles across agrifood value chains, and in the management of biodiversity and natural resources, such as land and water. As illustrated in the many examples featured on this site, rural women are resilient, resourceful, industrious and innovative.

Yet the gender gap in food and agriculture is extensive. As consumers, women are more food-insecure than men in every region of the world.

And as producers, rural women face greater constraints than their male counterparts in accessing essential productive resources and services, technologies, markets, education, information and financial assets.

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