IFAD Calls for Consultants in Climate, Environment, and Biodiversity

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The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is on a mission to eradicate rural poverty and hunger. As a specialized United Nations agency and international financial institution, IFAD invests in rural communities to boost agricultural productivity and increase rural incomes. They also advocate for policies that promote rural transformation at local, national, and international levels.

The Strategy and Knowledge Department (SKD) within IFAD plays a crucial role in guiding the organization’s strategic direction and ensuring the quality of its operations. SKD consists of three divisions: Environment, Climate, Gender, and Social Inclusion Division (ECG); Sustainable Production, Markets, and Institutions Division (PMI); and Research and Impact Assessment Division (RIA).

To support IFAD’s efforts, consultants are needed to contribute their expertise in climate, environment, and biodiversity. These consultants will join a roster of experts who may be engaged for various assignments related to planning, supervising, and implementing investment projects funded by IFAD and other co-financiers.

Qualified candidates should possess an advanced university degree in fields such as rural development, agriculture, environment, climate economics, or related disciplines. Additionally, candidates should have a minimum of seven years of professional experience in designing, supervising, and evaluating projects in agriculture and rural development, with a strong focus on integrating environmental, climate, and biodiversity considerations.

Candidates with experience working with international financial institutions, engaging with stakeholders across sectors, and proficiency in languages such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, or Arabic are highly encouraged to apply. Expertise in designing and implementing environmental and social safeguards, as well as knowledge of innovative green finance mechanisms, is also desired.

Consultants selected for inclusion in IFAD’s roster will have the opportunity to lead or participate in multidisciplinary teams to enhance environmental biodiversity and climate aspects in IFAD investment operations. They may also advise governments, formulate national strategies, and support capacity development initiatives in natural resource management and climate change adaptation.

It’s important to note that inclusion in the roster does not guarantee an assignment, but it offers the chance to be considered for future opportunities with IFAD. Consultants are not considered staff of IFAD and are recruited for specific assignments for a maximum duration of 240 days in one calendar year or 960 days in five calendar years.

If you’re passionate about making a difference in rural communities and have the expertise to contribute to IFAD’s mission, consider applying to join their team of experts in climate, environment, and biodiversity.

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