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Preparing for a position at the United Nations necessitates thorough planning, which is why we’ve developed a detailed guide to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the application process.

Searching for job openings

Job openings at the United Nations are posted daily on this website. You can also search according to location and your area of expertise.

If you want to receive e-mails letting you know about newly posted jobs, you must first create and log into your Inspira account. You can then perform a Job Search that can be saved to generate a Job Alert that matches your search criteria.

For instructions on how to create a Job Alert, please see the Applicant Guide (p.3).

Submitting a job application

Once you find a job in Job Openings and decide to apply, click on “Apply”. This will link you directly to Inspira, where you can log in and either begin a new application or choose an existing application to adapt.

Depending on the job you are applying for you may get a set of questions. Similarly, you may be given a list of skills and be asked to perform a self-assessment on these.

Note: resumes are not considered a substitute or complementary to a completed online application. If any additional information or documentation is required, you will be asked to submit it during the application process.

If you have submitted your job application successfully, you will receive an automated confirmation by email shortly after submitting. Also note that once an application has been submitted it cannot be changed for that specific job opening.

Evaluation of the application

Your application is evaluated in terms of experience, education, and skills. Only if it is determined that you meet most or all of the requirements you will be contacted to undergo an assessment i.e. a knowledge-based test or another type of simulation exercise.

If it is determined that you are not eligible—or only meet some or none of the requirements for a particular job—you will be informed, at the appropriate time, that your application was unsuccessful for this particular job. In this case, you should not be discouraged but apply for other jobs for which you feel you are qualified.

Assessment exercise

The assessment exercise could be either a written exam or any other type of simulation exercise or case study. You will be informed in advance of the time, type, and length of the assessment. If, based on the result of the assessment, you are considered a good fit, you will be short-listed for a competency-based interview.

Competency-based interview

The competency-based interview can take place either via telephone, video conference or in person. You will be notified in advance of the time, duration and means and/or place of the interview. During the interview, we learn more about your combination of skills based on earlier experiences. Read more under At Your Interview.

Selection notification and roster

If you are the selected candidate for the job, congratulations! You will be notified by email.

If you are not selected but were in the group of candidates recommended for the job opening, you will be placed on the roster for similar functions at the level and category of the job opening for possible future selection. As a roster member, you will be notified when new job openings with the same job title, level, category, and job family for which you have been rostered are advertised.

If you have been informed of your inclusion in the roster, you can potentially be selected for an upcoming job opening without having to undergo the entire application process. However, even if you are placed on a roster, we recommend that you keep applying for positions for which you think you are qualified.

Reference Checks

If you are a candidate under closer consideration, reference checks will be conducted, and you will be notified accordingly.

If you had indicated in your application that you have objections to the UN contacting your current employer, they will not be contacted until you have actually been selected for and you have confirmed your interest in a position.

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Job Descriptions:

Intern – Finance: Assist the finance team with financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis.

Intern – Policy, Legislation and Governance: Conduct research and analysis on policies and legislation relevant to the UN’s mandate.

Intern – Office Support, Communication & Coordination: Provide administrative support and assist with communication efforts.

Intern – Human Resources: Support HR functions including recruitment and onboarding.

Intern – Data Support: Collect, analyze, and present data to support decision-making processes.

Intern- Political Affairs: Analyze political developments and support advocacy efforts.

Intern – Urban Data Analytics & Visualization: Work on projects related to urban development and data analysis.

Intern – Urban Research & Innovation: Support research initiatives for sustainable urban development.

Intern – E-learning Instructional Design: Assist in developing online learning materials and courses.

Intern – Urban Law and Governance: Support research and analysis on legal frameworks and governance structures related to urban development.

Climate Change Intern – Urban Lab Mesoamerica Hub: Implement projects related to climate change adaptation and mitigation in urban areas.

Driver: Operate vehicles to transport personnel and goods safely and efficiently.

Writer: Create written content for various purposes such as reports, articles, and communication materials.

Desktop Publishing Coordinator: Layout and design documents for printing or electronic distribution.

Travel Assistant: Coordinate travel arrangements and logistics for staff members.

Finance And Budget Officer: Manage financial resources and develop budgets for projects and programs.

Finance And Budget Assistant: Assist in financial planning and budgeting activities.

Data Scientist: Analyze complex datasets to extract insights and inform decision-making.

Administrative Assistant: Provide administrative support to ensure efficient office operations.

Humanitarian Affairs Officer: Coordinate humanitarian assistance activities and liaise with stakeholders.

Procurement Officer: Manage procurement processes and contracts for goods and services.

Senior Procurement Assistant: Assist in procurement activities and provide guidance to junior staff.

Senior Programme Management Officer: Oversee program implementation and monitor progress towards goals.

Associate Administrative Officer: Support administrative functions and supervise support staff.

Health And Safety Officer: Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and implement risk management measures.

Team Leader (Digital Press): Lead a team responsible for digital press operations and production.

Reviser, Spanish: Revise and edit documents translated into Spanish for accuracy and clarity.

Team Assistant: Provide administrative support to team members and assist with project coordination.

Playing For The Planet: Promote environmental sustainability initiatives within the organization.

Information Systems Assistant: Maintain and support information systems and technology infrastructure.

Public Information Officer: Develop and implement communication strategies to promote awareness of UN initiatives.

Statistician: Analyze statistical data and prepare reports and presentations.

Documents Management Assistant: Manage documents and records in accordance with organizational policies and procedures.

Chief, Infrastructure Management Section: Oversee infrastructure projects and facilities management activities.

Information Systems Officer: Develop and maintain information systems to support organizational operations.

Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer: Assist in humanitarian response coordination and planning activities.

Senior Administrative Assistant: Provide high-level administrative support to senior staff members.

Investigator: Conduct investigations into allegations of misconduct or violations of organizational policies.

Programme Management Officer: Manage program activities and initiatives to achieve organizational objectives.

Chief Division Of Conference Services: Lead conference and event planning and coordination efforts.

Economic Affairs Officer: Analyze economic trends and developments to inform policy recommendations.

Scoping Specialist – Consultant: Conduct scoping studies and assessments to inform project planning and implementation.

Management And Programme Analyst: Provide analytical support for program management and decision-making.

Knowledge Management Consultant: Develop and implement knowledge management strategies and systems.

Regional Sub-Programme Coordinator – Climate Action: Coordinate regional climate action initiatives and programs.

Conference Affairs Officer: Plan and coordinate conferences and meetings, including logistical arrangements and documentation.

Investigator (Sexual Harassment): Investigate allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct in accordance with organizational policies and procedures.

Director, Programme Management: Provide strategic leadership and oversight for program management activities.

Research Assistant: Support research projects and activities by collecting and analyzing data, conducting literature reviews, and preparing reports.

Urban Lab Communication Specialist: Develop and implement communication strategies to raise awareness of urban development initiatives.

Urban Projects Specialist: Manage urban development projects and initiatives to promote sustainable urbanization.

Urban and Territorial Planner: Plan and design urban and territorial development projects and policies.

Urban Development Expert: Provide technical expertise and guidance on urban development issues and initiatives.

Programme Management Assistant: Provide administrative and logistical support for program management activities.

Senior Finance and Budget Assistant: Assist in financial planning, budgeting, and reporting activities.

Senior Programme Management Assistant: Provide administrative support for program management activities and initiatives.

Associate Programme Management Officer: Support program management activities and initiatives.

Scoping Specialist – Consultant: Conduct scoping studies and assessments to inform project planning and implementation.

Cities and Climate Change Expert, International Cooperation: Provide technical expertise and guidance on cities and climate change issues.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Localization Expert: Support the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in specific regions or countries.

Cities and Climate Change Junior Consultant: Provide support for cities and climate change initiatives and projects.

Nature-based Infrastructure Consultant: Develop and implement nature-based infrastructure projects to promote environmental sustainability.

Water and Sanitation Consultant: Provide technical expertise and guidance on water and sanitation projects and initiatives.

Climate Change Specialist: Support climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives and projects.

Specialist on Kigali Implementation Program Preparation: Support the preparation and implementation of projects related to the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.

Specialist on Youth and Urban Policy: Develop and implement youth and urban policy initiatives and projects.

Consultant – Anti Trafficking in Person Expert: Provide expertise and guidance on anti-trafficking in person initiatives and projects.

Evaluation Consultant: Conduct evaluations of UN projects and programs to assess their effectiveness and impact.

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