Work Remotely as a Data Consultant at WI-HER: Apply!!

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WI-HER is looking for a Data Digitization Consultant!

Location: Remote
Application Due Date: March 8, 2024


WI-HER, LLC is a small woman-owned consulting firm that identifies and implements creative
solutions to complex challenges to achieve better, healthier outcomes for individuals,
communities, and organizations across the globe. Our vision is to amplify the power and voice of
individuals, communities, and institutions to drive equitable, just, and inclusive change. We
employ an integrated, human-centered, multisectoral approach that works across sectors to
deliver transparently managed, sustainably delivered, and consistently documented programs.
At WI-HER, we address inequities by supporting individuals to be at the heart and in the driver’s
seat of designing and delivering mutually inclusive locally-led solutions, which do no harm.

WIHER Founder and President Dr. Taroub Harb Faramand developed an innovative and results based methodology called iDARETM to put this principle into practice. As a simple but science-based methodology, iDARETM enables stakeholders whether governments, service providers, civil society organizations, or community members to assess
their existing local system; identify gaps, barriers, and inequities; and then design, test, and scale
local solutions. As a key step in iDARETM, individuals record performance improvement,
qualitative and quantitative data, best practices, lessons learned, and knowledge generated in line
with effective and transparent learning, and monitoring and evaluation methodologies.


  • The Consultant or Firm will support WI-HER in strengthening its data capture process for organizational knowledge management and project monitoring and evaluation purposes.
  • The goal is to convert paper-based data collection into a digital process to improve data quality and create efficiency in data entry and analysis.
  • Must have reliable internet connection


WI-HER is seeking the services of an individual or firm with expertise in a data collection
platform and data digitization. This is a short-term assignment that must be completed by April
2024, with the potential for an extension.

Key tasks include but are not limited to:

Set up and maintain a secure server to host the primary data collection tool for WI-HER

  1. Digitize existing tools and questionnaires onto a mobile data collection platform in
    offline settings (i.e. integrate data flow, skip logic, and other data quality check features)
  2. Design the necessary interactive dashboards to facilitate data visualization in various
    formats, ensuring data is easily digestible and actionable; ensure the team can identify
    key trends and insights
  3. Ensure the data collection tool works in offline settings
  4. Establish roles and responsibilities on the data collection platform (e.g. project managers
    have full access to the system, data enumerators’ access is limited to only data entry)
  5. Conduct testing of the tool with the implementation team and iterate as appropriate
  6. Train WI-HER staff and data enumerators on the proper usage of the data collection
    platform for community-level data collection
  7. Integrate data from the platform to WI-HER Google Drive or choice of storage space
  8. Provide virtual and in-person support as needed


To apply, please submit your proposal to Dany Chhan at [email protected] with the subject
line “WI-HER Data Digitization Request for Proposal – [Your Name]” by Friday, March 8.
Please limit your submission to 2 pages, double spaced and include the following

  • A brief overview of your core competencies and experience related to the scope
  • Proposed approach and timeline
  • CV
  • Budget
  • References and any other relevant materials (e.g. previous work) are welcome as appendices

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WI-HER is committed to fostering a diverse, multicultural work environment and welcomes a range of
backgrounds, life experiences, perspectives, and opinions. WI-HER provides equal employment to all and has zero tolerance towards discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, national origin, citizenship, age, marital status, disability,
medical condition, or any other characteristic protected by state or federal laws.

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