Hivos is seeking the services of a Project Manager (remote in multiple locations): Apply Now!!!

Hivos is seeking the services of a Project Manager responsible for ensuring the delivery of project outputs within the timeframe and budget and manage the implementation of a Global Compensation Project.

Location: Any Hivos hub (Harare, Nairobi, San Jose, Beirut, Amman, The Hague)

Application Deadline: 06 March 2024


Hivos is an international development organization guided by humanist values. Together with citizens and their organizations, we aim to contribute towards just, inclusive and life sustaining societies where people have equal access to opportunities, rights and resources.

Hivos works in 40 countries and has regional hubs in Latin America, East Africa, Southern Africa and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) where we implement more than 30 programs. Hivos works for a world where people can realize their full potential, unleashing their creativity to build fair, just and life-sustaining societies for themselves and generations to come.

Currently 25% of Hivos staff works at the global office in The Hague, with other team members working at regional and country offices. We work in partnership with others in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Hivos aims to establish an equitable and market driven compensation model for all its employees across all the hubs.

Project Objectives

  • Ensuring employees in all countries are paid fairly while also keeping salary and benefit costs within budget.
  • Stay compliant with both domestic and international labor laws
  • Creating or revising a global compensation strategy
  • As far as possible ensure that benefits are on par with similar organizations in all the countries where we operate.
  • To ensure that salaries are competitive, to maintain fairness and equity, and to provide a cohesive compensation policy across the organization
  • To develop a global compensation strategy which allows human resources (HR) departments to take a high-level view of how we pay employees, rather than siloing them by country.
  • To set a global compensation strategy that allows Hivos to recruit otherwise-hard-to-source talent, and lower overall employment costs.

Specific deliverables

  1. Develop a Project Charter and a Work Plan to deliver the products of the consultancy (including realistic timeline, resources, and inputs needed from HIVOS).
    a. Develop activity schedules defining resources required and estimated time frames and duration of project activities and tasks
  2. In Consultation with key stakeholders (Executive Board, Management Team, Human Resources and International Works Council)
    – Define the required level of stakeholder involvement
    – Develop Hivos Policy Remuneration Philosophy and Values
    – Conduct an “as is” scenario and document findings.
    – Develop a “Desired future state” on global compensation
    – Develop a reporting mechanism to the key stakeholders in line with the agreed action plan. The report will include information about project performance over a certain period in terms of the project plan and project charter.
  3. Lead the process in identifying and selecting an appropriate Job Evaluation system.
  4. Supervising consultants who will be selected for the various parts of the project and ensuring that they meet the requirements and ensure that quality of their deliverables is in line with Hivos expectations.
  5. Based on outcomes of points 2 and 3 above, develop full TORs for the Global Compensation Project for the 2 consulting firms. These are to include but will not be limited to:
    – Scope of work to be conducted by each consulting firm
    – Key deliverables
    – Types of reports required
    – Reporting mechanisms for each key stage of the project
    – Design a contract for the consulting firms
    – Clearly define the skills and experience of key personnel in the consulting firms
  6. Assess and develop an Implementation Methodology to be applied on the project and define how to carry out the project in a cost-effective way. The implementation methodology of the project will provide a set of broad principles and rules from which specific procedures will be derived. It will also include what actions need to be taken to start, implement, and complete the project within a specified time period and under defined budget.
  7. Develop a Monitoring and Evaluation tool to ensure that the project is run in line with the agreed project work plan.
  8. Provide decision makers with sufficient information necessary to make informed decision regarding the performance and how selected consulting firms are delivering on the project.
  9. To ensure the project remains relevant and reasonable in legal, economical, and technical terms.
  10. To cover any concerns, queries, request for change, or anything else that requires a resolution during the project.
  11. Other advisory work required at any project stage

Skills and attributes

  1. At least 10 years experience in handling Global Compensation Projects
  2. Knowledge of setting up remuneration structures and benefits structuring
  3. A Masters in Human Resources Management or equivalent
  4. A proven track record in efficiently managing similar projects
  5. Excellent interpersonal skills
  6. Ability to communicate at all levels and dealing with cross cultural teams
  7. Report writing and project tracking skills

How to apply

You are welcome to submit your application on the apply button by March 6, 2024 midnight UTC. You must submit both a letter of motivation/cover letter (maximum 2 pages) and resume/CV (maximum 3 pages) in English. Please include your day rate in the cover letter.

Candidates are highly encouraged to provide a clear track record of results in their CV and to use their cover letter to clearly and concisely address the requirements of the role elaborated above.

If you are selected, please note that professional references and a background check will be requested prior to making an offer.


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