Win a fully-funded trip to UNCTAD Geneva, Participate in the Beyond GDP Essay Competition by United Nations

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Leading up to the meeting on 17 April, the SDG Lab in collaboration with Rethinking Economics will launch an essay competition for young people to share their perspective on moving beyond GDP.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a measure of the economic output of a country, has become one of the most powerful statistics of our time. It has, however, been used in unintended ways, including as a proxy for wealth creation, wellbeing and development. Developing metrics to complement GDP could enhance decision-making in the best interest of people and the planet, and could fundamentally change our priorities and the future. What values and principles would you like to see in a Framework to Value What Counts beyond GDP and what are the challenges to be addressed as a priority?

Ten winning essays will be selected to be included in a compilation to be published by the SDG Lab and Rethinking Economics. In addition, the authors of the top five essays will have travel and accommodation costs covered up to €1,300 to participate in the 17 April meeting in person and share the main points of their essays during the meeting. We are unable to provide assistance with visa applications for those who are eligible but we can provide letters of invitation from UNCTAD. The guidelines are as follows:

Guidelines for essay competition 

  • Essays can be submitted by persons under the age of 30, regardless of the person’s affiliation with the Rethinking Economics network.
  • Essay submissions should be between 700 – 1000 words.
  • Your Essay should make a clear argument written in your own voice.
  • If experts or other texts are cited, this must be clear. Hyper-linked references (if any) are preferred to footnotes.
  • If desired, essay submissions can be sent with a photo image. Images must be credited appropriately and free to be reproduced.
  • The essays will be evaluated jointly by a jury consisting of members of the SDG Lab and Rethinking Economics.
  • 10 essays will be published in a joint publication by Rethinking Economics, the SDG Lab and IISD.
  • The authors of the 5 top essays will win the opportunity to travel to Geneva to participate in a meeting on moving Beyond GDP, hosted at UN Geneva.
  • Deadline for essay submissions is on March 6th.

Winners of the essay competition will be responsible for their own visa applications. The SDG Lab will provide winners with an invitation letter for the meeting on 17 April. The SDG Lab and Rethinking Economics will cover travel and accommodation costs of up to 1300 EUR per person.

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