Funding Opportunity: Apply for the Oxfam Human Mobility Initiative Fund


As migration is increasingly politicized and people seeking safety are meeting similar barriers across the world, there is a need to have a global perspective on migration and develop solutions that would facilitate migrants to exercise their rights and freedoms.

Migrants, including forcibly displaced individuals, worldwide face challenges in accessing human and civil rights, encountering limitations in social services, health, education, housing, and labour markets. Global displacement, driven by conflicts, disasters, violence, food insecurity, or climate change, is often rooted in geopolitical power struggles and resource control ambitions.

Oxfam has established the Human Mobility Initiative (HMI), aiming to influence national, regional, and international policies to ensure that migration is recognised as a natural phenomenon that can be managed humanely and, in a way that respects and prioritizes human rights.


Within this initiative, Oxfam is launching the Human Mobility Initiative Fund and opening a call for application.
The general objective of the HMIF’s Call for Applications is to support migrants/refugees-led organizations and front-line migrants/refugees’ rights organizations in their work on influencing and jointly advancing a transformative migration policy agenda.

This call supports projects that encompass either evidence-based research, data collection, and analysis, or advocacy and campaigns focused on the rights of migrants and refugees, with grants between 20.000 and 30.000 EUR.

Examples of research/advocacy topics are included in the Guidelines for Applicants. However, please note that applicants can suggest other topics that are relevant to refugee/ migrant rights in their context/ locality.


Ensuring that migrants and refugees’ rights are respected, and they have access to local and sustainable solutions respecting their rights and dignity, reducing potential conflict with hosting communities.

Promoting the deliberate and systematic inclusion of the perspectives, needs and recommendations of local refugee, migrant, front-line and migrant/refugee women’s rights organizations into policymaking.


This is a global call, and open to all regions including Africa, Americas, Middle East, and Europe. However, countries where Oxfam has an operational office and/or program will be prioritized.

For the list of countries see here.


The deadline for the submission of the applications is 22 of February 2024, 23:59, Central European Time. Any application submitted after the deadline will be automatically rejected.

All applications should be in English.

If you have any question on the call, you can send an e-mail by 05/02/2024 to [email protected].
All the replies to questions will be published on 12/02/2024 on this page.

We invite you to keep reviewing this website for any update on the call’s procedures or timeline.

The selected candidates will be informed by 15/03/2024 and the indicative starting date for the project implementation is on 01/04/2023

If you are interested to join the initiative, fill the registration form below!

Guidelines for Applicant



Valentina Bidone, Humanitarian Desk Officer, [email protected]

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