Yunus Environment Hub is Hiring a Gender Inclusion & Diversity Expert: Apply Now!

Yunus Environment Hub is Hiring a Gender Inclusion & Diversity Expert

Project Title: Advisory services to establish Gender Diversity Management in companies
supporting the green transformation.
Client/Organisation: Yunus Environment Hub.
Location: Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa.
Project Duration: The term and service delivery period will be set out in the contract award
Working days: 206 days.
Service Delivery: Support the provision of gender diversity & inclusion advisory services for
companies looking to establish Gender Diversity Management as part of their green
Reference Number: YEHP24-01
We are looking for Gender Inclusion & Diversity experts to support the provision of gender
diversity & inclusion advisory services for companies looking to establish Gender Diversity
Management as part of their green transformation in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique,
Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa. The successful candidates (one per cluster) must be based
in either of the countries in the cluster.
Yunus Environment Hub (YEH) is the global social business network creating solutions for
the environmental crisis. Co-founded by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad
Yunus, YEH supports and develops social business solutions addressing environmental
issues in a financially self-sustainable way. Focus areas are solutions for improved waste
management & sustainable plastic recycling, circular economy, carbon neutrality,
biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, access to clean water and clean energy.

The Assignment.
The key objective of the assignment is to facilitate the development of solutions to specific
challenges of employed women in private enterprises, specifically in sectors contributing to a
green transformation.
Women face difficulties in finding jobs, sustaining long-term employment, and advancing
their careers. “Gender Diversity Management” (GDM), understood as a structured approach
towards a gender-balanced workforce supports companies in expanding their talent pool,
boosting recruitment and retention, and improving employment outcomes. It is essential for
establishing an inclusive work environment that ensures the long-term success of companies, especially in male-dominated sectors, and lays the foundations for more women
entering and advancing their careers in these sectors.

Therefore, the assignment aims at introducing and improving gender diversity practices in
companies supporting the green transformation in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, South
Africa and Mozambique – this refers also to the inclusion of people with disabilities.
The aim is to establish GDM as a structured approach in companies supporting the green
transformation in the countries.
The selected experts will implement a project aiming at introducing and improving gender
diversity practices in companies supporting the green transformation and will be tasked with
performing the following key work packages.

  1. Conceptual Development of the GDM approach.
  2. Workshops and Trainings on Gender Diversity Management for local partners and
    prospective GDM consultants.
  3. Implementation of Gender Diversity Management approach in selected companies
    (GDM advisory service).
  4. Carry out a National GDM Awareness Campaign.
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation and Learning of GDM approach.
    The experts will be selected as per the following clusters.
  6. Cluster 1: Kenya, Uganda.
  7. Cluster 2: Tanzania, Malawi.
  8. Cluster 3: South Africa, Mozambique.
    Scope of Work.
  • Designing/developing and implementing concrete interventions in the partner
  • Identification and assessment of potential local partners such as business
  • Designing and conducting training/workshops for local GDM experts and staff of
    business associations.
  • Coaching of the local GDM experts.
  • Selection of companies based on defined criteria.
  • Support local private sector specialists in identifying proper contact person in
    companies and in managing companies’ contribution to implementation of GDM
  • Designing and conducting implementation of GDM approach in the selected
    companies together with selected local GDM experts.
  • Set up a national GDM awareness campaign and subsequent workshops.
  • Organisation and facilitation of regional learning and exchange together with the local
    private sector specialists.
  • Development of a standard methodology (e.g. toolbox) for each step of the GDM

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  • Min. 7 years of experience in consulting and business advisory to micro, small and
    medium enterprises in the selected country.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in economics, social sciences or other business-related fields.
  • The candidate should possess a strong background in business plan development,
    budgeting, and technical assistance delivery.
  • 4 years of professional experience in consulting companies in Gender Diversity
    Management and in facilitating the GDM implementation process (e.g. design and
    facilitation of trainings/workshops).
  • 4 years of experience in development cooperation projects in the field of Private
    Sector Development and Employment Promotion.
  • Experience in managing complex projects with multiple stakeholders and possess
    excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and solution-oriented business acumen.
  • High proficiency in communicating with different stakeholders from different systemic
  • Knowledge of select country business ecosystem.
  • Expertise in topics such as circular economy, sustainable innovations are a plus
  • Language requirements: fluent in English (spoken and written) and the local
  • Experts for cluster 3 (South Africa & Mozambique) must be fluent in Portuguese –
    both written & spoken.
    Your offer should include.
  1. Technical description detailing your understanding of the task and how you are going
    to deliver the services & relevant references. Ensure your technical proposal
    captures the following details.
    i. Your full name and address.
    ii. Tax ID Number.
    iii. The TOR Reference number.
    iv. Cluster you are applying for (limit your application to 1 cluster out of the 3).
  2. A detailed financial offer capturing your day rate. The financial offer should be in
    Euros and inclusive of all costs & taxes.
  3. Your CV as an attachment to the technical proposal.
    Your offer should not exceed 5 pages. Excluding the attachments.
    We are looking forward to receiving your offer. You are advised to use this link to generate the
    forex rates: Exchange rate (InforEuro) ( Selection will be based on both technical
    bid and financial offer.
    Please send your offer by e-mail to [email protected] latest by 9
    th Feb 2024. Questions
    can be directed to the same email address. Please note that your offer should be valid for at
    least 2 months from the date of submission

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