Join the World Food Forum (WFF) Policy and Deliberation Challenge 2024

Are you ready to build your capacity and engage in a thought-provoking policy and deliberation challenge on the issues surrounding our agrifood systems. If so, you are in the right page! The World Food Forum (WFF) presents an exciting opportunity for all of you with the launch of the World Food Forum Policy and Deliberation Challenge.

If you’re eager to develop your skills and expand your knowledge and expertise on policy issues on global agrifood systems related topics, this Challenge is your gateway to making a tangible impact.

What is the World Food Forum Policy and Deliberation Challenge (WFF PDC)?

It’s a platform within the Youth Action and Policy Track of the WFF, and we’re calling on you – young, policy-oriented leaders and innovative researchers – to bring your bold ideas to the forefront. The WFF PDC is your opportunity to streamline policy and skill-building into the WFF network and beyond. Here, you’ll have the chance to make your voice heard on crucial policy matters related to the World Food Forum’s year-long theme.

Finalist teams present and deliberate their proposals in front of a panel of topic experts and Rome-based UN agency staff. All participants will receive a certificate and have a chance to win other exciting prizes.

Participation options include registering as a team or as an individual. If you choose to register individually, we’ll team you up with up to three like-minded individuals, fostering diversity and collaborative innovation. Once your teams are formed, you’ll attend a skill-building workshop led by the WFF team. FAO representatives will provide essential insights into FAO’s current initiatives, ensuring a strong knowledge foundation for the competition. You will then submit your initial written submission through which you will present your idea.

The excitement builds as teams progress to the second round, presenting their cases to FAO and WFF representatives. The top two teams earn the opportunity to present and deliberate their policies in front of an expert panel and a live audience during the 2024 World Food Forum flagship event.

This is your chance to step into a world of real impact and create positive change. Don’t miss out on this incredible journey! Join us in the quest to end hunger and transform our agri-food systems through policy.

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 Register your interest now and be part of the future of food and agriculture. Your voice matters, and your ideas can shape a better world.

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