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We’re delighted to discover your interest in the upcoming Youth Ecopreneur Program, a collaborative program by the Ye! Community/ITC and the G20 Global Land Initiative. If you’re a young entrepreneur (below 35 years) leading a green business, especially in the field of land restoration, and are passionate about sustainable land management and other environmental topics, this tailor-made program is designed just for you. The program is conducted in partnership with WIPO, Sidley and Google Startup for Sustainable Development.

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Engage in our comprehensive program in 2024:

  •  Global Bootcamp: Develop foundational skills in investment readiness, pitching, and other crucial topics for young entrepreneurs.
  •  Global Accelerator: Access personalized training, mentoring, and support to scale your green business.
  •  Youth Ecopreneur Award: Seize the opportunity to win a prestigious award, gaining recognition and prize money at the program’s conclusion.

Curious about what to expect? Explore past editions and learn about the winners of the ’23 Youth Ecopreneur Awards. Get a glimpse of the inspiring journeys that await you here: Youth Ecopreneur Awards (yecommunity.com). 🌿

By completing this brief survey, you’re taking the initial step and secure early notification once the official call for applications is live.

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