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Apply for the Trust Consultancy and Development Remote Internship, (Media and Communication Intern)

Application deadline is 31 January 2024

About Trust Consultancy and Development

Trust Consultancy and Development is an independent research and third-party monitoring and evaluation (M&E) consultancy based in Gaziantep, Turkey, with two sister-companies, one in Islamabad, Pakistan and one in Erbil, Iraq. Trust provides a range of services and works with partner companies and NGOs in the MENA(T) region and beyond. Our work addresses the growing demand for high-quality research, third-party research, data collection, data analysis and capacity-building services. Our clients include international and national non-governmental organizations and donors, including UNICEF, UNFPA, OCHA, Expertise France, Global Communities, IRC, IMC, DCA, Save the Children, People in Need, World Vision, Norwegian Refugee Council, GIZ, USAID/BHA and ECHO. As a research and M&E company, we offer a unique perspective and can tap into a network of people working on the ground in real time on the issues we research. Currently, we are working in Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

About the Internship Position

Trust Consultancy is looking for enthusiastic candidates with experience and/or who would like to gain knowledge in humanitarian and development sectors, especially focusing on Third party Monitoring and Evaluation in the humanitarian and development sectors. This internship is beneficial for a person who would like to know more about the humanitarian and development sectors, particularly capacity development and training, and offers the opportunity for close insight into Trust’s operations and projects. Candidates will learn various capacity-building tools and settings, including working experience regarding humanitarian and development sectors in the MENA region. This internship will be especially valuable to candidates with interest in the Turkey, Syria, Iraq/Kurdistan region, Yemen culture and politics. There is also the potential to attend many training workshops in different sectors and topics. At the conclusion of the internship, there may be opportunities to continue with us as a staff member as we grow, and we will provide a full review at the end of the internship and a letter of recommendation. Detail-oriented, hard-working and committed candidates are encouraged to apply.

Trust offers internship position as Junior Officers (JOs) in our Business Development Department throughout the duration of the internship.

  • This is a 4–6 months remote, part-time/full-time internship.
  • During this internship, interns will go through various thematic topics in our Business Development Department.
  • This is an unpaid internship.


Before joining a team in Trust, the intern will have one week of administrative orientation. During the orientation week, intern will be introduced to the Trust and have time to get to know one another. Even though Trust works primarily in a remote setting, we organize weekly social gatherings online, namely Trust Cafes!

Tasks and Responsibilities

Interns will be involved in some or all of the following tasks, depending on preferences, capacities and projects we have in Trust at the time, which will be discussed and agreed upon with their line managers. Some of the tasks can include:

  1. Preparation of training material
  2. Developing templates
  3. Organizing participant database
  4. Communications with Trainers and Participants and coordination for Capacity building in English
  5. Facilitating training from start to end
  6. Note-taking and preparing for meetings on zoom, sending calendar invites with links
  7. Scoping for Tenders and Terms of References (TORs) for training
  8. Reading and analysing TORs
  9. Contributing to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  10. Contributing to media releases and communications
  11. Preparing and editing proposals and reports
  12. Participating in relevant internal and external meetings
  13. Supporting with research
  14. Other (based on interns’ interests/experience and needs in Trust)

Candidate Profile and Qualifications

The ideal candidate for this position should:

  1. Currently studying for a university degree or has a University Degree or relevant qualifications in the humanitarian, development sector, social science or another relevant field (a master’s degree is an asset)
  2. Have a desire to work in the humanitarian/development sector and companies that serve the humanitarian sector
  3. Be able to provide crucial details and assistance in capacity building and training activities
  4. Be a fluent/native English speaker
  5. Demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  6. Be proficient in Microsoft Suite
  7. Have abilities to manage diverse activities and meet deadlines
  8. Demonstrate excellent organisational skills, analytical skills and attention to detail
  9. Be able to work in a multicultural work environment.


  1. Knowledge/experience in the Middle Eastern region is an asset
  2. Knowledge of Arabic or Kurdish is an asset

Experience/familiarity with capacity building and training is an asset


Trust Consultancy is a small but growing consultancy with great success since it was established in 2016. This is an unpaid internship; however, there are several benefits for our interns. The interns will:

  1. Gain hands-on experience in the areas of their interest (many of our interns were involved in projects during the first week they joined Trust);
  2. Benefit from various training programs Trust conduct with no fees. We have at least 1-2 training sessions a month. Some of the training we offer include project management, program management, core humanitarian standard, Sphere, gender-based violence, and more. Moreover, interns will receive training about proposal writing from an internationally qualified and experienced trainer. Please consult our website and Relief Web for more information about our trainings;
  3. Have a networking opportunity. During the internship, interns can communicate with stakeholders externally and internally (NGOs, donors, consultants). In addition, Trust has a LinkedIn Alumni group where all those who worked and still working in it join, so they keep communicating with each other for possible work/opportunities;
  4. Improve communication and presentation skills. Our interns will have the opportunity to manage internal and external webinars, arrange for debates, and organise social events.
  5. Have possible opportunities with future employment with Trust, depending on individual performance and our organisation’s needs. There will be opportunities to work with Trust after the internship; as an officer or technical consultant, full-time/part-time or task-based assignments.
  6. Be able to combine this internship with their thesis. This internship is an excellent opportunity to select an MA thesis/topics related to Trust’s work; therefore, Trust can support interns in linking to respondents for their fieldwork/interviews, including questions about their research in the projects and support in data collection and data analysis. Many of our ex-interns did their MA thesis during or after their internship with Trust;
  7. Gain better experience in external communication with external stakeholders;
  8. Enhance their public speaking skills as interns will manage webinars and meetings.


  1. We are a developing organization, and the intern will experience how to design systems, policies and procedures.
  2. This particular role offers the opportunity to contribute to proposal writing in different sectors, such as livelihood and protection, under the supervision of experienced consultants.
  3. As Trust Consultancy is open to new ideas, this will be an excellent window to show your innovative initiative and to suggest what you think is good for the community and other NGOs.

How to apply

The application must include the following:

  • CV (preferred not more than 2 pages) and;
  • Cover Letter (maximum 1 page) expressing their interest in Trust

Candidates have to send their application to [email protected] with “Learning and Growth Intern – [First name] [Last name]” as the email subject. (For instance, “Learning and Growth Intern – Maya Mousa”)

The one-page Cover Letter shall clearly state the following:

  1. Education background: degrees, specialization and what country was the main focus of your studies
  2. Relevant experience: Trainings, Humanitarian and development sector, and research
  3. Motivations to Join Trust as an intern/junior officer
  4. Expectations to be met by the end of the internship
  5. What you can bring to Trust as an intern
  6. When you can/prefer to join Trust (01 February 2024 at the earliest and for how long (minimum 4 months to maximum 6 months). In exceptional cases, we might take interns earlier than 1 February)
  7. Sectors of interest: health, education, shelter, protection, food security, livelihood, etc.
  8. Areas/theme of interest: cash and vouchers, displacement, gender, human rights, displacement, market system development, etc.
  9. Countries/regions you prefer to focus on during the internship: Iraq, Syria, Turkey
  10. Country of stay during remote internship
  11. Mandatory or not mandatory internship: Please mention in your cover letter if this internship will be mandatory by the organisation/university you work/study in
  12. This is a remote and unpaid opportunity. Please confirm this in your cover letter

To learn more about us, please feel free to visit: and

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