Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung Funded Study and Research Scholarships 2024 for Young Africans in Germany

Application Deadline: January 15th, 2024 

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung awards scholarships to international students from Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia to study at one of the over 400 universities in Germany. The Scholarship program is aimed at international students and graduates who have acquired a university degree and who intend to complete postgraduate or master studies, doctoral studies or a research fellowship of at least three semesters at a university in Germany.


 Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung are looking for students, who
  • have a university degree,
  • prove above average academic performance,
  • are no older than 35 when applying,
  • have good knowledge of the German language (B1* or B2 level),
  • are actively engaged in voluntary work,
  • plan to study a minimum of 4 semesters at a university in Germany,
  • possess a broad general education and distinct interest in political issues,
  • have a positive attitude towards democracy and human rights,
  • are open to develop their personal points of view and practice tolerance, and
  • are highly motivated and able to convince us of their goals in life.
  • Sufficient knowledge in German (level B2) is obligatory for all scholars before the beginning of their university studies in Germany. In exceptional cases, we financially support German language courses in Germany to achieve B2 level as preparation for your studies in Germany.

The standard funding periods are two years (Master) respectively three years (PhD). Apart from the monthly scholarship, the scholars obtain access to a worldwide network of over 14,000 alumni, a broad seminar program and personal mentoring.

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Application Procedure:

Necessary Documents for the Application

Master students

Please download and fill out the application form and attach the following documents:

  • A meaningful CV including details about your previous voluntary work or social commitment.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Copies of your examination certificates in German translation if the originals are not in English.
  • Copies of your studies performance records if you have been studying at a University in Germany.
  • Proof of German language skills (B 2).
  • An academic letter of recommendation: This letter should provide information about your academic qualifications and potential; it should not be older than two months. The author has to be a university professor or teacher holding a doctoral degree.
  • A letter of recommendation concerning the applicant’s personality: This letter should focus on your personality and interests as well as your values and social commitment. The author cannot be the same as the one providing the academic letter of recommendation.
  • A proof of your voluntary work, if available.
  • A certificate of admission or matriculation from your university in Germany, if available.
PhD students

If you are applying for a PhD-Scholarship, please include additionally the following documents:

  • A detailed description of your doctoral thesis: This exposé, written in German or English (4-5 pages), should outline the central research question of your proposed project, its scientific relevance, your theoretical approach and the motives behind your choice of the research subject. It should also contain a work and time schedule and a bibliography.
  • A second academic letter of recommendation: This second letter should be written by the supervisor of your doctoral thesis, providing you already have one. It replaces the letter of recommendation concerning the applicant’s personality.
  • A written confirmation from the intended faculty or department stating that the admission to the doctoral program is unconditional, if already available.

    You can download the announcement in English here as a PDF.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships

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