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Grant Writer at Medici del Mondo (MdM)

Type of contract:

Service contract

Duration and localization of the service

Remote- homebased

Budget allocation:

Phase 1: 333,33€ per day (5.000€)

Phase 2: 175€per day (maximum 5 days)

Deadline: 10/01/2024


The humanitarian situation in Gaza remains critical, deeply affecting both the physical and mental well-being of its inhabitants. The ongoing conflict and blockades have led to a severe strain on the healthcare system. Water scarcity, economic instability, and the deterioration of public infrastructure further compound the crisis. Only a limited number of hospitals and primary health care centres are operational, significantly reducing access to essential health services.

The project’s primary health care initiative is set to cater to the diverse health care needs of the population in the Gaza Strip. This comprehensive approach encompasses the provision of essential health services, focusing on accessible and continuous care for all individuals, including the elderly, children, women, and people with disabilities.

A key component of our health care provision is mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), recognizing the widespread impact of the ongoing conflict and challenging living conditions on mental well-being. Our services aim to address the general psychological needs of the community, fostering a supportive environment to alleviate mental distress.

Furthermore, the initiative places a strong emphasis on addressing the health care requirements of vulnerable groups. This includes ensuring the availability of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services, which are crucial for the well-being of women and families. Efforts will be made to overcome current challenges in infrastructure, staffing, and supply of essential medical provisions.

Recognizing the importance of inclusive health care, special attention is being given to improving access for people with disabilities and the elderly, who often face additional barriers in health care access.

Additionally, the health care initiative is geared to respond proactively to public health concerns, including those related to environmental factors, to safeguard the community’s health.

Overall, the project is committed to delivering a holistic and inclusive primary health care service that addresses the varied health needs of the entire population, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their age, gender, or ability, receives the care and support they need.

This effort is part of MdM’s broader response strategy oriented to save lives, alleviate suffering and prevent further harm, by increasing the availability and accessibility of essential health services through:

  • The provision of emergency medical supplies to health facilities in Gaza and West Bank
  • Distribution of hygiene and menstrual kits to vulnerable population in the Gaza strip
  • Provision of primary health care services through mobile teams in the Gaza strip
  • Enhance the capacity response of PHC health staff in emergency response in West Bank
  • Outbreak prevention and response capacity strengthening, including risk communication-IEC and health education at community level activities
  • Provision of Mental Health and Psychological Support Services (MHPSS) for the affected population both in Gaza and in the West Bank.

For the implementation of the Emergency Response, MdM is working with its current donors and increasing the search for funds through proposals for others. MdM currently has a DG ECHO project for the West Bank and wishes to work with this donor in Gaza as well.

Given that MdM’s on-the-ground team is currently at a high workload, the intention is to incorporate an external grant writer to coordinate, prepare, and follow up on the proposal for DG ECHO.


The preparation of a proposal for DG ECHO to support MdM’s Emergency Response in Gaza requires a structured, collaborative, and informed approach. The Grant Writer will play a central role in this endeavor, ensuring that every aspect of the proposal is meticulously crafted and aligned with both the funder’s requirements and the on-ground needs in Gaza.

This role encompasses a range of responsibilities, from strategic coordination with multiple stakeholders to the detailed drafting of the proposal. The Grant Writer will be pivotal in gathering essential information, advising on the design, and ensuring that the final submission is not only compliant with DG ECHO’s standards but also effectively communicates MdM’s vision for a comprehensive response in Gaza. This intricate process demands a high level of expertise in proposal development, a deep understanding of the humanitarian context in Gaza, and the ability to adapt to evolving requirements, ensuring the proposal’s success from conception to potential approval.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordination: Work closely with MdM teams, local and international NGO partners to align efforts and consolidate inputs for the proposal.
  • Information Gathering: Collect and synthesize relevant data and information, ensuring the proposal reflects the ground realities and needs in Gaza.
  • Design Advisory: Advise on the proposal’s design, ensuring alignment with DG ECHO’s priorities and the specific needs of the Gaza population.
  • Proposal Writing: Craft a compelling, comprehensive proposal, including narrative, budget, annexes, and an exit strategy for the project.
  • Compliance and Alignment: Ensure the proposal adheres to DG ECHO’s guidelines and formats and aligns with MdM’s strategic objectives.
  • Modifications and Follow-Up: Handle any required modifications post-submission based on feedback from DG ECHO and manage the process until final approval or rejection.

The Grant Writer will be responsible for the end-to-end management of the proposal, from initial drafting to potential revisions and final version.

The proposal will be developed according to DG ECHO templates and standards and based on the actions, scope, needs, sectors, risks, areas and beneficiaries identified by MdM team.

The Grant Writer will work under the direction of the MdM’s field Program Coordinator and the Projects Manager at HQ in tight collaboration with other profiles, both from MdM as from other partners.

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The service consists of two phases:

Phase 1. Proposal Development for DG ECHO:

This initial phase is focused on the development of a detailed proposal to DG ECHO. It involves crafting a document that comprehensively covers the needs, strategies, and planned interventions for the emergency response in Gaza. This proposal must align with DG ECHO’s standards and requirements, effectively communicating the objectives and anticipated impact of the project.

Phase 2. Adaptation of the Proposal Following DG ECHO Feedback:

In the event that the proposal progresses beyond the first phase, this stage involves adapting and revising the original submission based on DG ECHO’s feedback and requests for modifications. It includes making necessary adjustments to the project’s scope, objectives, budget, or any other aspects as specified by DG ECHO.


Phase 1:

Output 1. Complete Final Proposal for DG ECHO: A comprehensive and finalized proposal, properly adapted to DG ECHO’s templates and standards, including narrative, budget, annexes, and exit strategy.

Output 2. Budget Documentation and Financial Annexes: Detailed documents outlining the budget and financial annexes, which must be consistent with the narrative and strategic plan of the proposal.

Phase 2:

Output 3. Review and Adjustments Post-Submission of the Proposal: Revised versions of the proposal incorporating feedback received from DG ECHO, addressing the requested modifications to meet all required standards and expectations.

Other products:

Phase 1:

Product 1. Initial Project Draft: A preliminary version of the proposal, covering all key aspects such as narrative, budget, annexes, and exit strategy. This draft will incorporate inputs from MdM teams and partners, focusing on the critical humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Product 2. Proposal Draft: Once received the feedback to the Initial Project Draft, a proposal draft on DG ECHO templates will be presented for discussion, with refinements in narrative, budget accuracy, and strategic alignment.

Phase 2:

Product 3. Modifications Proposal Draft: Revised versions for discussion of the proposal incorporating feedback received from DG ECHO

How to apply

Candidates interested in the positions can send their CV to [email protected]

Deadline: 10/01/2024

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