Call for Research Proposals: The Hinrich Foundation Trade Research Program 2024

The Hinrich Foundation supports trade research projects that advance the understanding of global trade issues and support policy development.

Upcoming deadline for submission: May 31, 2024

About The Hinrich Foundation Trade Research Program

The Foundation’s international trade research program promotes research across trade-related sectors, particularly related – in no order of preference – to sustainable tradedigital tradecross-border investment, and the nexus of trade and geopolitics.

We invite researchers and/or research organizations to submit proposals for such projects. We shortlist submissions for consideration twice each year. The deadlines for submission are May 31 and October 31 each year.

Submission requirements

We kindly ask that research proposals include the following information:

  • SYNOPSIS OF THE PROPOSED RESEARCHWe encourage the synopsis to address major trade-related themes, and preferably pose two to four key questions that the research seeks to answer.
    The researcher should specify the method of research (primary or secondary).
  • FORMATWe generally publish research in the form of white papers of around 4,000 words, and articles of around 1,600 words. All research products will be subject to the Foundation’s editorial review. The final decision to publish such research will be at the discretion of the Foundation.The researcher may propose:
    • A new research project, which may include any combination of article and/or white paper deliverables.
    • An overview or summary of the researcher’s existing work, including work already published elsewhere.
  • DELIVERABLE TIMETABLEWe encourage projects to be completed within four (4) months from the point of commission.The researcher should update the Foundation at mutually agreed regular intervals on the progress of the project. We encourage the researcher to take into account feedback from our research program team on the progress and findings.The researcher may be asked to deliver one or two articles in the interim of around 1,600 words, prior to completion of the project, to summarize the interim findings of the ongoing research.
  • FUNDING REQUESTFunding is negotiable and is typically paid at the point of completion of the project.

Making your submission

Upcoming deadline for submission: May 31, 2024

We look forward to your proposals. Please send research proposals to [email protected].


For successful proposals, the Foundation may provide full or partial financial support and will reserve the right to publish research products at its complete discretion.

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