Climate Action Window: Driving Transformation through the 1st Call for Proposals

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Welcome to the 1st Call for Proposals of the Climate Action Window (CAW)! This initiative, launched successfully on December 4, 2023, during COP28, invites eligible beneficiaries to apply for grant funding. The CAW aims to accelerate adaptation action in Africa’s least developed countries, providing a unique opportunity for projects aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

About Climate Action Window (CAW)

The CAW is structured around three sub-windows:

  • Adaptation: 75% of funding
  • Mitigation: 15% of funding
  • Technical Assistance (TA): 10% of funding

Each sub-window will have a separate Call for Proposals (CfP).

Adaptation Sub-window – Call for Proposals (CfP1)

The focus of the 1st Call for Proposals is the Adaptation Sub-window, targeting projects that:

  • Build resilience to climate change impacts
  • Enhance adaptive capacity
  • Address systemic vulnerabilities

Key Information:

  • Paris Alignment: Projects must align with the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate mitigation and adaptation.
  • Objective: Adaptation should be the primary objective of the project.
  • Focus Areas: Reduce underlying causes of climate vulnerability, strengthen adaptive capacity, and remove barriers to adaptation.

Project Scope:

  • Support adaptation to climate change and climate variability
  • Build resilience to climate-related shocks and extreme events
  • Strengthen the adaptive capacity of ecological, social, or economic systems or policy processes

Priority Areas:

  • Highly transformative and impactful adaptation projects
  • Integration of gender, youth, and underserved communities in fragile conditions

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Why Apply?

This call for proposals represents a significant step towards mobilizing resources for impactful climate action in Africa, addressing critical needs in areas such as agriculture, water security, early warning systems, and resilient infrastructure.

Application Process

Eligible beneficiaries are encouraged to follow a simple application process:

  • Register: Create an account on the site.
  • Eligibility Questions: Answer a few eligibility questions.
  • Access Template: Access the Concept Note Template for CfP1 Adaptation Sub-window.

Applications can be submitted in English or French. Ensure all sections of the template are completed, as incomplete concept notes will not be considered.

Deadline: Midnight (GMT), February 02, 2024

Apply here

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