Job Vacancy: Work Remotely as a Project Support (Freelance) at Edge

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About edge

At edge we are passionate about organizations that tackle big social and economic questions in bold ways, be it fast-growing businesses offering innovative products and services or grassroot organizations serving their communities in transformative ways.

We support these organizations in achieving their ambitious goals by helping them build highly-effective teams and being attractive, vibrant workplaces. We have worked in-depth with 80+ start-ups, social businesses and community development organizations across Africa since 2014 and with 200+ others globally.

About the opportunity:

We are looking for Freelancers to support the delivery of our various services to our clients, be it business advisory services, recruitment drives, or internal research projects.

You will contribute to success of projects through research, identifying relevant networks/contacts, carrying out administrative tasks, promotions, communicating with stakeholders, building our internal knowledge bases, among others.

This is a work-from-home role so strong personal effectiveness is key. You are joining a highly independent team that operates fully remotely while maintaining a strong virtual collaboration in real time ethic.

 Who we are looking for:

  • You are intellectually curious, question things, are okay with being proven wrong, and love using your brain to analyze and strategize around difficult questions.
  • You are a fast and self-driven learner, and easily grasp new issues and concepts.
  • You have at least one year of work experience, possibly in one of the following: research work, project support, business administration, events management or community programs.
  • You have a track record of executing tasks in a timely manner and are good at meeting deadlines.
  • You have a great eye for detail
  • You are happy to organize your work independently, and are excited to work remotely
  • You are able to add value in fast-changing environments where things are uncertain and you have to figure things out.
  • Experience writing emails in a professional context, with excellent knowledge of English, grammar and style
  • You have strong computer skills and experience with: Web research, Spreadsheets to organize data, Google Drive and other tools like CRM, LinkedIn, or similar.


We are operating as a virtual team and this is a work-from-home role. The role is open to applicants from Nairobi and beyond.  You have to be able to collaborate, achieve results and build trust virtually. You will need access to a computer to do the work.

Thinking of applying?

  • Submit your application.
  • Record a simple video (not more than 2 minutes) of yourself answering the following question: Share with us your previous experiences that have prepared you to excel in a global, multi-cultural environment and a fully-remote working team —->  Upload it on YouTube (tick “unlisted” for privacy) and share the link on the application form below.
  • Upload your CV (max 2-3 pages!) in PDF format as part of the form as well

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