Microsoft Research Global AI & Society Fellows Program 2024

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The Microsoft Research AI & Society fellows program aims to catalyze research collaboration between Microsoft Research and eminent scholars and experts across a range of disciplines core to discussions at the intersection of AI and its impact on society.

November 29, 2023 (11:59:59 PM ET) | Proposal deadline

About the program

Microsoft recognizes the value of bridging academic, industry, policy, and regulatory worlds and seeks to ignite interdisciplinary collaboration that drives real-world impact.

Through a global, open call for proposals targeting a specific set of research challenges, Microsoft will facilitate strategic collaborations, catalyze new research ideas, and contribute publicly available works to benefit scholarly discourse and benefit society more broadly.

The details of the program vary by research challenge. Please review the “Research Challenges” for more information and eligibility, “How to apply” to submit a proposal, and our “FAQ” for answers to commonly asked questions.

Program details

The Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellows program supports interdisciplinary AI research in the context of societal impact.

The program offers opportunities for fellows from fields beyond core computer sciences to join and support interdisciplinary research conversations with Microsoft Researchers. By facilitating these new collaborations, Microsoft aims to scale the impact of collective research efforts at the intersection of AI & Society.


Microsoft is seeking eminent scholars and leading experts from a wide range of fields and disciplines to join a variety of interdisciplinary collaborations focused on key research challenges.

The submission criteria and eligibility guidelines vary by research challenge for this program. Please review the research challenge descriptions and eligibility details below for more information

Research challenges

The Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellows program is seeking eminent scholars and leading experts in various fields to support the following research challenges. We invite you to consider each of the challenges below.

  • AI in Organizational Settings
  • AI in the Production of Culture, Media, and the Art
  • AI Powered Community Micro-Grid for Resiliency and Equitability
  • Copyright Protection for User Data in the Era of LLM
  • Generative AI and Plural Governance: Mitigating Challenges and Surfacing Opportunities
  • Multimodal Knowledge Understanding and Representation for Population-scale Copilots Reducing the Digital Divide of Generative AI in the Global South
  • Regulating AI in Light of the Challenges of Doing Responsible AI in Practice
  • Regulatory Innovation to Enable Use of Generative AI in Drug Development
  • Sociotechnical Approaches to Measuring Harms Caused by AI Systems
  • Storytelling and Futurism
  • Supporting the Responsible AI Red-Teaming Human Infrastructure
  • Towards Creative-Centered AI: Opportunities and Challenges at the Intersection of Creatives, AI, and Society

How to apply

Please carefully review and consider the below as it relates to the proposal process for the Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellows program. When you are ready to submit a proposal, click on the link below:

Visit the submission portal

Proposal criteria

All proposals should be submitted via the submission portal (see above). Proposals will not be accepted by email.

Each submission will include:

  • Candidate information (region, institution, research/work focus, etc.)
  • “Statement of Interest” title (80 characters or less)
  • Submission of a “Statement of Interest” document.
    • This document should be 3 pages (or less) in length, which may include appendix and citations if applicable.
    • See additional instructions and guidance in the “Statement of Interest Requirements” section below.
  • Candidate CV/resume to be uploaded in the submission portal.

A strong submission will:

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the research challenge and its aims for societal impact.
  • Describe relevant work/accomplishments, demonstrate the alignment one’s motivation to the research challenge, and outline the potential impact achieve through collaboration.
  • Be clearly written, in alignment with program guidelines.
  • Consider that readability and clarity are valued in the review process.

Statement of Interest guidelines

  • Describe the motivation, or “why”, behind candidate’s interest in research exploration in this research challenge. We are specifically looking for candidates to describe how their research goals and aspirations align to this challenge.
  • Description of relevant qualifications, expertise and perspectives the candidate would bring to the research challenge and how this experience would impact the outcomes of this collaboration.
  • Detail any relevant areas that you would like to collaborate on with the Microsoft researchers and applied scientists listed as involved in the research challenge and how collaboration could create impact in those areas. 
  • Where applicable, include details of any relevant, preliminary research or work that shows progress and investment in this space.


  • All submissions should be submitted by the candidate (self-submission).
  • Please do not add additional requests for budget, as these will not be considered under the guidelines of this fellowship.
  • Statement of Interest documents should be a minimum 10-point font with a maximum of 3 pages. Margins should be 1” or wider to ensure readability. Option to submit as word document or PDF file.
  • All proposals should be submitted in English.

Additional guidelines

  • Applications submitted to Microsoft will not be returned. Microsoft cannot assume responsibility for the confidentiality of information in submitted applications. Therefore, applications should not contain information that is confidential, restricted, or sensitive.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Due to the volume of submissions, Microsoft Research cannot provide individual feedback on applications that do not receive fellowship awards.

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