Call for Expressions of Interest: Contribute to the 2024 GEM Youth Report on Technology in Education(Paid Job and open to youth worldwide)

The Global Education Monitoring Report (GEM Report) is a prestigious annual report that tracks progress on education in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is funded by a consortium of governments, multilateral agencies, and foundations and published annually by UNESCO to serve the international community. The 2023 GEM Report, the sixth in the series, focuses on the role of technology in education, a topic critical to achieving SDG 4.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further emphasized the significance of technology in education, as it influences education in multiple ways, including as an input, delivery tool, skill enhancer, planning resource, and a social and cultural context provider. The role of technology in education is a subject of debate, complicated by the rapid pace of technological advancement. The 2023 GEM Report explores the challenges of education (equity, quality, system management) that technology can address. It also examines the systemic conditions required for technology in education to reach its full potential.

As part of its 2019-2024 strategy, the GEM Report will release a youth report on the opportunities and challenges of education technology for youth. This report will be developed in partnership with Restless Development, a global non-profit agency.

About Restless Development

Restless Development is a non-profit global agency that empowers young leaders to create a better world. They are registered in nine countries and have a global presence, working towards youth-led change and power shifting.

II. Work and Objectives

This call invites young individuals under the age of 35 and youth-led organizations to contribute to the development of the 2024 Youth Report on technology in education. The focus is on organizing regional consultations to gather evidence and perspectives on technology’s role in education, emphasizing appropriateness and equity.

The tasks involved in organizing the regional consultation include:

  • Participating in a half-day workshop in mid-November, hosted by Restless Development, to understand the Regional Consultation methodology.
  • Adapting the shared methodology to the regional context.
  • Mobilizing at least 50 participants from the region for the consultation.
  • Identifying and briefing a rapporteur and at least two co-facilitators for breakout sessions ahead of the regional consultation.
  • Organizing and leading an online workshop with youth representatives to collect evidence and examples for the 2024 Youth Report.
  • Preparing a 2-page consultation report summarizing key discussion points and sharing transcribed notes.
  • Supporting the dissemination of the final youth report and possibly participating in launch events at national, regional, and global levels.
  • Engaging in a global consultation with other regional leads to consolidate regional findings into global findings.

III. Desired Outputs and Timeline


The work shall include three outputs:

  1. Organization of a half-day virtual regional consultation with a minimum of 50 participants from youth networks within the region.
  2. Identification of a rapporteur and two breakout session facilitators to assist with facilitation.
  3. A 2-page report written in English, structured as follows:
    • Executive summary
    • Methodology
    • Main findings
    • A quote from a young person

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The selected individual or organization shall submit the following for approval:

  • A tailored regional research consultation strategy by November 15.
  • Organization of the regional consultation by December 30.
  • The final draft of the consultation report in English by January 15.

IV. Submission of Expression of Interest

About You:

To be eligible for this role, you should:

  • Be under 35 years old.
  • Currently reside in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, MENA, Oceania, or Latin and Central America and the Caribbean.
  • Be proficient in both English and a major language in your home country or region.
  • Be actively involved in civil society spaces, including youth activism, community engagement, social movements, and digital activism.
  • Be comfortable working remotely with stable internet access.

No prior research experience is required; a passion for quality education and research is sufficient as foundational training will be provided.

For more information or questions, contact [email protected].

How to Apply:

The GEM Report team invites interested young individuals below 35 and youth-led/focused organizations working on education to contribute to the research. The application consists of two parts:

  1. An expression of interest including:
    • A maximum 1-page proposal with details on past experience with technology in education in your region, materials demonstrating the strength of your networks, a proposed methodology for the consultation, and a financial proposal.
    • Full CVs.
    • For legal entities, proof of registration as a non-governmental/private organization, including copies of registration certificates, should be included on the organization’s letterhead.

Selection Criteria:

  • Proven work or research experience in the proposed area and region.
  • Capacity of the individual or organization to carry out the assignment.
  • Ability to draft a consultation report in English.

Timeline for Review and Feedback:

  • October 18, 2023: Call for expressions of interest published.
  • November 8, 2023: Deadline for submission of expressions of interest.
  • November 10, 2023: Review of submissions finalized.
  • November 13, 2023: Notification of outcomes and initiation of contract negotiation.

Commissioning will take place in November 2023, and regional consultations and consultation reports are expected to be completed by January 2024.

Please send your expression of interest in English, French, or Spanish by November 8, 2023, (midnight Central European time) along with attachments in one PDF file to Ms. Laura Stipanovic ([email protected]) with the subject line “EOI 2024 Youth Report.” Additionally, specify in your proposal whether you are applying as an individual or an entity.

For further information, visit here or contact: Laura Stipanovic Email: [email protected]

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