Apply for the 2024 Peace Practice Alliance Program and Receive a Certificate (UPEACE)

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Ready to embark on a transformative journey towards peace leadership and make a lasting impact on your local and global communities? The Peace Practice Alliance invites you to join its educational and training program for 2024.

What is the Peace Practice Alliance?

The Peace Practice Alliance is a dynamic program dedicated to peace leadership education and training. The 2024 program, spanning from January to July, offers an immersive experience designed for individuals with a passion for or experience in peacebuilding, community development, and catalyzing social change on both local and global scales.

The Peace Practice Alliance is a peace leadership education and training program. The 2024 program will run from January to July 2024. The program is open to individuals with interest and/or experience in peacebuilding, community building, and social change on a local and global scale. An international cohort will journey together through an intensive virtual learning and community building experience exploring and developing peace leadership theories and practices.

The program guides participants through the integral peace leadership model and how to apply it in our work and lives. This includes personal peace, interpersonal peace, community peace, and global peace practice.

Following a model of inform, inspire, and transform, participants will have opportunities in each module to gain knowledge and skills, actively engage and apply learnings in their own lives, and deeply reflect. Materials will be delivered through an online learning platform with readings, discussions, and assigned activities, as well as virtual cohort meetings and facilitated workshops.

What Can You Expect?

This international cohort will embark on a profound virtual learning and community-building adventure, where participants will explore and develop theories and practices of peace leadership. The program is structured around the integral peace leadership model, encompassing personal peace, interpersonal peace, community peace, and global peace practice.

Embracing a model of “inform, inspire, and transform,” participants will have the chance to gain knowledge, acquire practical skills, actively apply their learnings to their lives, and engage in deep reflection. The program’s materials will be delivered through an online learning platform, featuring readings, discussions, assigned activities, virtual cohort meetings, and expert-facilitated workshops.

How to Apply:

Interested in an exciting and unique peace leadership experience? Please fill out the following online application! 

Applications are due by Saturday, 28 October. The application form will close at 6:00pm Eastern Time on Saturday, 28 October. 

– Complete a written application submitted via Google Form.
– If your application advances to the next round, you’ll be invited for an interview.


– Proficiency in International English.
– Interest and/or experience in peacebuilding.
– Interest and/or experience in community development.
– Interest and/or experience in global citizenship and cross-cultural learning.
– A commitment to learning about and leading social change in both local and global contexts.

What You Gain:

– Become part of a growing global network of peace leaders dedicated to building positive peace.
– Develop and enhance your own peace leadership practices for integration into your personal and professional life.
– Enjoy lifetime access to valuable learning materials, workshops, webinars, readings, and more to support your peacebuilding endeavors.
– Receive a certificate of completion from the Euphrates Institute and UPEACE Centre for Executive Education.

Program Requirements:

– Monthly assignments, including readings, videos, and experiential exercises.
– Virtual 90-minute cohort calls held twice a month via Zoom on Wednesdays at 3pm GMT.
– Monthly reflections.
– Program evaluations.

Program Donation:

The Peace Practice Alliance operates on a sliding scale program donation. Upon acceptance to the program, participants are invited to contribute an amount that aligns with their financial capacity and brings them joy, ranging from $0 to $500 USD.

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Join the Journey:

If you’re ready for an exciting and unique peace leadership experience, complete our online application. Act now, as applications are due by Saturday, October 28, and the application form will close at 6:00 pm Eastern Time on that date.

Seize this opportunity to be a catalyst for peace and positive change in the world. Join the Peace Practice Alliance today!

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