Call For Proposals: Global Fund for Women-Learning Project on Feminist Approaches to Anti-Corruption

Call for Proposals: Global Fund For Women-Learning Project on Feminist Approaches to Anti-Corruption. Apply Below


We are pleased to announce an open call for proposals for the Learning Project on Feminist Approaches to Anti-Corruption. This initiative aims to explore and advance the understanding of how feminist perspectives can inform and enhance efforts to combat corruption.


  1. To investigate the intersection of gender dynamics and corruption, and the unique insights that feminist theories can bring to this issue.
  2. To identify successful case studies, methodologies, and strategies where feminist approaches have played a pivotal role in anti-corruption efforts.
  3. To encourage cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration between activists, scholars, and practitioners working at the intersection of feminism and anti-corruption.

Themes of Interest:

  • Gendered Dimensions of Corruption
  •  Feminist Critiques of Anti-Corruption Measures
  • Grassroots Feminist Movements and their Impact on Anti-Corruption Initiatives
  • Policy Recommendations for Integrating Feminist Approaches into Anti-Corruption Frameworks

Submission Guidelines:

Interested participants are invited to submit a proposal outlining their research topic, approach, and expected outcomes. Proposals should be no more than 500 words and must be submitted  by 31 October 2023.

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Selection Process

Proposals will be reviewed by a panel of experts with a background in both feminist studies and anti-corruption efforts. Successful applicants will be notified by [notification date].


Selected projects will receive financial support to cover research-related expenses. Additionally, researchers will have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative workshop to share findings and insights. Grant amounts will range from $20,000 USD to $50,000 USD
(flexible funding) per year.
Requests for multi-annual support are available and strongly encouraged.


The project will evaluate interested applicants and select eligible candidates whose efforts align with the project’s award allocation criteria.
The selected candidates will be invited to create a profile for their group on the Global Fund for Women’s website and to complete a comprehensive proposal form, where they can further articulate their proposed project or initiative aimed at addressing or comprehending corruption through an intersectional feminist lens, tailored to their specific context or community.

They are look forward to receiving your proposals and working together to advance our understanding of feminist approaches to anti-corruption.

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