Apply for the fully funded King Abdulaziz Scholarships in Saudi Arabia 2024

Scholarship Overview

The Application of the King Abdulaziz Scholarships in Saudi Arabia is open to international bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. applicants for 2024. King Abdulaziz University (KAU) Scholarships are fully funded opportunities that enable international students to study in Saudi Arabia. The University will cover all expenses for the Full duration of the all degrees programs, including Bachelor, Masters, and PhD.

Application Deadline: 07 December 2023

Location: Saudi Arabia 

University: King Abdulaziz University 

Study Levels: Bachelor, Masters, PhD 

Subjects: All Subjects 

Funding Types: Fully Funded 

Program Period:

  • Undergraduate: 4 Years
  • Master : 2 Years
  • Ph.D. : 3 Years

Benefits of King Abdulaziz Scholarships

Benefits of the King Abdulaziz Scholarships for the academic year 2024:

  • Offer an arrival allowance
  • Provide regular students with annul tickets and compensate newcomers
  • Follow up of award-related financial procedures till the students get organized
  • Emergency subsidies and financial aid
  • Employment opportunity with some of the scholarship students
  • Issuance, renewal, and replacement of damaged or lost iqamas
  • Re-entry-exit and final exit visas issuance and cancellation
  • Update of passport information upon renewal
  • Students can bring their families upon their desire
  • Accommodation for recepients and follow up their status in the dorms through out the academic year .
  • Offer low-cost food
  • Healthcare services for students and their families
  • Follow up academic status of the students, helping stumbling students, and find solutions for the problems
  • Honor outstanding students and encouraging them to continue their excellence

Eligibility Criteria 

All applicants who want to apply for the King Abdulaziz Scholarships should meet the following criteria:

Requirements for Undergraduate Degree:

Eligibility Requirements for Undergraduate or Bachelor for the King Abdulaziz Scholarship

  • Student must be of good conduct
  • Make full commitment to the KAU rules and by-laws
  • Be physically and mentally healthy
  • Have a secondary school graduation certificate or equivalent from within KSA or abroad.
  • Regular Students should attent full time study
  • The secondary school certificate should not be older than 3 years
  • Age of the applicants should not be younger than 17 and older than 25 years old for undergraduate level.
  • They should not have dismissed from any university for any reason
  • Not be the recepient of a Saudi University shcolarship holder
  • Female students should bring a relative who is within the prohibited degrees with a regular resident
  • Student should be admissible for admission requirements.

Eligibility for the Master and PhD:

  • All students must not be older than 30 years old for Master, and 35 Years for PhD
  • Students must obtain a recognized qualification in their own country with a minimum grade (excellent) if their final degree classifications were awarded in an estimate.
  • English Language Test Certificate.
  • The student must provide two recommendation letters from his/her previous faculty members.
  • All students must not have been dismissed from one of the Saudi Institutions.
  • All candidates of Arabic Language and Literature, Psychology, Islamic Law and Studies, Sociology, Information Science programs must be professional in spoken & written Arabic.

Available Programs

King Abdulaziz University offers a diverse range of programs for international students. Almost all-academic fields and majors are available for the Bachelor’s Scholarship, Master’s Scholarship, and Ph.D. Scholarship such as:

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Economics and Administration
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Science
  • Communication and Media Faculty 
  • Environmental Designs
  • Faculty of Marine Sciences: Environment, Meteorology, and Arid Land Agriculture, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Engineering.
  • Computing and Information Technology Faculty: Computing and Information Technology AL Faisaliah Branch Faculty 
  • Faculty of Science – AL Faisaliah Campus
  • Faculty of Arts – AL Faisaliah Campus: The College of Art & Design
  • Maritime Studies: Business Rabigh Branch Faculty, Faculty of Engineering Rabigh Branch, Faculty of Computing and Information Technology Rabigh Branch
  • Arts – Rabigh & College of Sciences

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Master’s Degree Programs:

Second: Master’s degree – Length or (Two academic years)

  • Science Faculty: Biology Science, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Astronomy Science
  • Faculty of Engineering: Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering
  •  Thermal Engineering, and Desalination Technology Engineering, Electrical, and Computer Engineering, Chemical and Materials Engineering, Medical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Production Engineering & Mechanical Systems Design, and Industrial Engineering
  • Faculty of Meteorology, Environment & Arid Land Agriculture: Arid Land Agriculture, Hydrology, Environmental Sciences.
  • Computing and Information Technology Faculty: Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems
  • Faculty of Environmental Designs: The Urban & Regional Planning, Architecture
  •  Marine Sciences Faculty: Marine Biology, Marine Physics, Marine Chemistry, and Marine Geology.

Ph.D. Degree Programs:

First: Doctor of Philosophy – Length or (Three academic years)

  • Science: Biology Science, Statistics, Physics, Astronomy Science, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics.
  • Engineering: Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering
  • , Thermal Engineering, and Desalination Technology Engineering, Electrical, and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering
  •  Meteorology Faculty, Environment, and Arid Land Agriculture
  • Arid Land Agriculture, Hydrology, Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Computing & Information Technology
  • Computer Science.
  • Faculty of Environmental Designs
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Marine Sciences Faculty 
  • Marine Biology, Marine Physics, Marine Geology, Marine Chemistry

Important Documents

All applicants should prepare these general documents before applying:

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae for the applicant form.
  • Your Statement of Purpose Must be in English for all programs except in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language.
  • Copy of the graduation certificate or (certified from the Saudi Embassy).
  • Copy of the transcript or (certified from the Saudi Embassy).
  • letters of recommendation must be submitted from two of his former professors.
  • Copy of your passport for at least one year.

How to apply for the King Abdulaziz Scholarships

The King Abdulaziz Scholarships Application process is Online.

Visit Official Website Here to Apply

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