Are you between the ages of 18-30 and want to be a Youth Delegate at COP28? Apply below

Deadline to submit your application: 1 October 2023, 18:00 GMT 

Climate Mobility Pavilion at COP28
The Global Centre for Climate Mobility (GCCM) is hosting the Climate Mobility Pavilion (CMP) at COP28 in Dubai from 30 November to 10 December. The CMP will be a central space dedicated to bringing urgent global attention to climate-forced migration & displacement, pressing forward the need for people-centered climate action.  

Climate Mobility Pavilion Youth Programme
The GCCM’s Youth Forums, under the Africa Climate Mobility Initiative, the Rising Nations Initiative, and the Greater Caribbean Climate Mobility Initiative, are now opening a call for applications to the CMP Youth Programme to participate in COP28 as a CMP Youth Delegate.

The CMP Youth Programme will bring together a group of young people to advance climate action focusing on the most climate-vulnerable regions in the world. Delegates selected to participate in the programme will be offered capacity building, speaking opportunities, and to take part in bilateral meetings with leading policymakers as well as climate action champions from philanthropic organisations, the private sector, and civil society organisations. 

Up to 40 delegates will be selected through this application process for the CMP Youth Programme. The CMP Youth Programme will ensure gender equality in its composition of delegates as well as the inclusion of a wide array of experiences with climate impacts and mobility, especially from the most climate-vulnerable communities. Applications will be collected through this form only. The expenses for return travel to COP28 (economy-class flight travel) and accommodation during the stay at COP28 will be covered for selected Youth Delegates.

We are looking for two profiles of Youth Delegates – apply in the category that you feel best suits your interests and qualifications! 

Climate Mobility Youth Delegate at COP28
Bring forward your migration journey or interest in climate mobility to drive impactful climate action! Now is your chance to be part of amplifying the voices of young people and inspiring change as a Climate Mobility Youth Delegate. 

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Climate Mobility Youth Delegates will represent Africa, the Pacific, the Middle East, and Latin America & the Caribbean. The selection process will also prioritize those from high-risk climate impact areas who are often not represented at global platforms and in international decision-making processes. To be a Climate Mobility Youth Delegate, you should also be directly involved in, or have practical experience or knowledge of climate mobility.

Rising Nations Youth Delegate at COP28
To young leaders from Pacific Atoll countries: Your expertise in climate action and heritage preservation is vital and can spur global climate action. Seize the opportunity to represent your communities at COP28. 

Rising Nations Youth Delegates will be selected from Kiribati, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and Tuvalu. Prospective Rising Nations Youth Delegates should also have direct or working experience relating to climate action and/or the preservation and safeguarding of the heritages and cultures of the Pacific Atoll countries. 

REMINDER: To be eligible, you must be between the ages of 18-30 years on the application deadline date to be considered. Also, please note that you must be from Africa, the Pacific, the Middle East, or the Latin America & the Caribbean in order to be considered for the role of Climate Mobility Youth Delegate; and from Kiribati, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, or Tuvalu to be considered for the role as Rising Nations Youth Delegate. Migrant and displaced youth living in these regions/countries or who were born in these regions/countries are strongly encouraged to apply.

Youth Volunteer Selection Committee
Applications to be a CMP Youth Delegate will be reviewed by a Youth Volunteer Selection Committee. If you do not wish to apply to be a Youth Delegate, but still want to help promote youth engagement, apply to be part of the Youth Volunteer Selection Committee!

You can apply to be part of the Selection Committee HERE
(Please note that you will not be considered for selection as a Climate Mobility & Rising Nations Youth Delegate for COP28 if you apply to be part of the Committee)

All applications can be viewed here (kindly note that only the answers to the following questions will be displayed: First Name, Last Name, Organization Name, Job Title, Website of Organization / Person, Biography, Share your motivation(s) for applying to become a Climate Mobility or Rising Nations Youth Delegate for COP28.

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