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Applications due: September 14, 2023


 The Solutions Journalism Network (SJN), a U.S.-based nonprofit with international reach, is leading a global shift in how people understand and shape the world by focusing reporting on responses to problems and what we can learn from their successes and failures. Research shows that when news reveals what’s working (or promising), it elevates the tone of public discourse, making it less divisive and more constructive, allows communities to see better options, and builds agency and hope. This leads to meaningful change. Key elements of solutions journalism include: interrogating a response and how it works, showing evidence of effectiveness, discussing limitations, and surfacing insights to spur innovation. 

Over 47,000 journalists have been trained and are using SJN’s tools, in 40 countries.  SJN’s searchable database, the Solutions Story Tracker, has a selection of solutions stories from 1,900 news organizations.

Social Journalism Network is actively recruiting for an Africa Initiative Manager. The candidate will be joining a team that is passionate about compelling reporting on responses to social problems.

The Africa Initiative Manager will:

  • Work with our existing partners, Science Africa and Nigeria Health Watch to:
  • help ensure the partners have the support they need to meet their goals for improving  the quality of solutions journalism in their regions.
  • develop trainings on issues such as climate change (including climate adaptations in Africa), gender violence prevention, public health for gender good, innovations in global health led by researchers and experts in Africa, and more.
  • Increase the number of certified solutions journalism trainers in Africa.
  • Draw on SJN resources, staff and network – as well as their own expertise – to provide coaching, training and support to the partners on an ongoing basis to help them achieve their goals.
  • Identify two or more  organizations with the potential to become hubs for solutions journalism in Africa. 
  • Introduce, train and advance the solutions approach using SJN’s training resources to build awareness and adoption.
  • Work with organizational partners and SJN to support reporting projects that yield high-impact solutions stories and help to shift journalistic practice.
  • Represent SJN at influential convenings, including talks, conferences and summits.
  • Host and manage virtual or in‐person local and regional gatherings and webinars.
  • Co-manage sub‐grants for news organizations and fellows.
  • Prepare reports with support from the SJN development team.
  • Work with the SJN finance team to ensure all expenditures are within budget and approved as necessary. 

You’re a strong candidate if you:

  • Value honesty and transparency and are a champion of quality independent journalism.
  • Are an advocate of equity, justice, and inclusion.
  • Are a very strong oral and written communicator
  • Have a minimum of 3–5 years of significant journalism experience in Nigeria and/or Kenya
  • Currently residing in either Nigeria or Kenya – residency in one of the focus countries is required for the duration of the position.
  • Have project management skills and are organized, disciplined, focused. You know how to function effectively with multiple moving parts and with diverse partners.
  • Are skilled at connecting with people and building deeper relationships. 
  • Are a self-starter with the ability to lead projects and take the initiative in supporting the content development processAre able to work well alone as well as in a collaborative team environment.
  • Are familiar with and have connections to the Nigerian and Kenyan news ecosystems.

Additional desired skills include:

  • Experience reporting for international news organizations
  • Solutions journalism reporting experience

Does this sound like your calling? We hope so: We’re an energetic, ambitious, and fun bunch, and we want great people to join us.


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