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Either you APPLY, or you APPLY!

You are applications away from your dream job, internship, scholarship, funding/ grant, fellowship, or international conference. However, it is very crucial that you realise that until you make up your mind to keep applying you will never enjoy what you desire. Desiring alone does not suffice, you need to apply and ensure that when you do, you do it right. It is either you apply, or you apply. There is just no other way.

As human beings we are all on a journey and one way or the other, we are all chasing the stars but sometimes they just seem unreachable. The reality on the ground however is the stars are indeed reachable. The stars are reachable to those who are willing to put in the hard work. You must be determined to sacrifice time and a plethora of other things depending on the application you are working on. Be determined to ensure you submit an impressive and irresistible application that dissolves all doubt regarding your competences, abilities, skills, experience, attributes, and characteristics in the context of the application requirements. Make sure to leave no stone unturned.

Sometimes people think there is a special key to opportunities somewhere and the people that have made it know exactly where it is. While there are things you can improve on in your applications, there exist no such thing as a ‘special book of secrets’ that tells you exactly where the treasure is. The truth is you have a limited number of options and that is: it’s either you apply, or you apply. There is simply no other way.

There are a few reasons why you have no other options but just to apply. First, it is only when you apply that you improve your writing and application skills. When you apply you will gradually learn what works and that which does not do ‘the magic’. You will get ideas on the language to use when making a distinct application. There is a language for every application in case you did not know. For instance, when you are making an application on something that falls under the rubric of sustainability, you must use the right language. You must demonstrate that you are familiar with the appropriate language used in
sustainability circles.

Second, the recruitment team or the scholarship committee are not aware of your desperation and the truth is they do not care. They just want to see your application and decide based on what you submit. Some people think they will be rewarded an opportunity based on their desperation, but it simply does not work that way. You are granted an opportunity based on the quality of your application. Third, you cannot continue making applications and fail to have one establishment that will decide to select you. It could be your 20th application or 48th application but the bottom line is eventually you will get what you are searching for.

Making an application does not mean your application is going to be successful but neither does it mean it will not be successful. It is like that because you are not the only applicant applying whether it is impressive or not. The same way you are desiring that opportunity it is important that you realise that there are also several other applicants desiring that very opportunity be it a scholarship, job, or internship. You therefore need to ensure that as when you make your application you have your expectations in the right place. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst as it were.

Regardless the outcome of each application you must not be moved. Let each rejection be fuel. It does not matter how many times your tumble, what really counts is how many times you spring back to your feet. Learn from each application and improve with each application. While you make applications improve yourself by enrolling for a course or something. There are several free courses being offered by various important and recognizable establishments such as the UN. Take advantage and add to your CV. Make up your mind that each month you do something that adds value to you and by you that means your CV.

When you receive a rejection, it’s very important that you train your mind not to focus on the negative. You need your mind to focus on every reason you should start working on the next application. Sometimes you may have to literary look yourself in the mirror and tell your reflection that delay does not mean rejection. Treat that rejection as delay rather than a rejection. Tell yourself that you are close, and your time is near. It usually works for a lot of people, and it can work for you too.

The key takeaway from this article is there is no other way to secure an opportunity outside making an application. Whether or not you get the opportunity is another tale. You do not get an opportunity through desiring neither do you get an opportunity through being desperate and asking the world to feel pity for you. You get an opportunity through putting in the hard work into your application. Make as many applications as you can and do not be afraid of being rejected. Take every rejection as an opportunity to submit as fresh and enhanced application next time.

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