This form is to apply to the YOUNGO Finance Working Group – Finance Reporting Training program. The Academy features experts in Climate Finance, in a 4-weeks certificate training program with 2-hour sessions between mid August and mid September 2023. The training seeks to equip youths with the relevant skills and knowledge to report on climate finance issues.

The Academy’s Objectives are to:

1. Provide an overview of the climate finance landscape, including key actors and initiatives;

2. Learn about the different approaches to climate finance, including public funding sources, private sector investment, and innovative financing mechanisms;

3. Gain an understanding of climate finance negotiations and work programmes;

4. Be trained on ways to report on climate finance topics and to reach out to their diverse communities and regions;

5. Engage youth on climate finance topics and to reach a wider audience on the road to COP28.

???? Each session is 2 hours via Zoom

Session 1: Climate Finance Brief & 101 of Climate Journalism

Session 2: Analysing climate finance data and drafting report on climate finance

Session 3: Quantifying climate finance needed

Session 4: Current climate finance negotiation status

???? Extra Curricular activities on the road to COP28

Participants have to participate in ONE extra curricular activity related to climate finance and reporting on the road to COP28.

Only ACCEPTED participants will be invited to the workshop.

❗️❗️❗️Deadline for application:  May 31, 2023 23:59 UTC❗️❗️❗️

❗️Only the selected participants will be granted access to the sessions. The application decision will be based

on the following criteria:

• You are 16-35 years old

• You have a clear motivation to commit to the Academy

• You have a prior interest in the topic

• You are planning to attend the whole duration of the Academy

Link to apply: https://lnkd.in/ePeS2_cU

???? About YOUNGO Finance and Markets WG

The Finance and Markets Working Group focuses on the financial aspects of climate change, including public and private sector funding of climate mitigation and adaptation projects as well as carbon markets. We host educational webinars and dialogues and conduct research on Youth access to climate finance. Our aim is to ensure that the diverse perspectives of young people and future generations are taken into account in the  multilateral decision-making processes on climate finance issues.

For inquiries, please contact Contact Points – Genn ([email protected]) and Romie ([email protected]), and the Communications Director of the Financing Report Project – Irene ([email protected]).

Follow us on FacebookInstagramWhatsApp, TwitterLinkedIn and Telegram for more opportunities

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